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Signs of HIV: If You See These 13 Symptoms, Do An HIV Test Immediately!

Signs of HIV: HIV is considered as one of the dangerous diseases that can’t be cured properly and you never get its early symptoms and that fact makes this disease more jeopardy for your health and life.  

Often people don’t understand or are aware of HIV symptoms and is this article we would list all those major symptoms of HIV that will be a signal that you should do an HIV test immediately.

If you had unprotected sex or had intercourse with multiple partners or ever unhygienic needle has been used to your body then you must know that does HIV test on a regular basis. Sometimes the symptoms of HIV appear after 10 years that is a long time and when they appear it is too late to cure it.

So now let’s check out the symptoms of HIV that are a warning that you should ask your doctor for HIV test:

Signs of HIV:

1. Fever :

If you often perform unprotected sex with your partner or with multiple people and feel a fever or high temperature of your body then it can be a symptom of HIV.

Though it can be also a major symptom of flu the precaution is necessary. When the HIV virus enters in your body then the body tries to fights with the virus that causes fever so if you feel so then urgently go for HIV test because in the case if HIV one can’t take any risk.

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2. Sore Throat:

Sore throat is a common health issue and many of us have faced this many times but it is counted as HIV symptom too. Whenever you feel irritation in your throat and this happens continuously then you must aware because it can be a bell of HIV.

Try to consult your doctor and ask for HIV test or the problem can be increased if not treated on the time.    

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3. Aching muscle:

Joint pain, inflammation in joints, and muscle pain all are the prior symptoms of HIV virus. The virus can affect the rheumatic illness and lymph nodes in your body and it produces muscle pain, body discomfort back pain, muscle swelling, and pain.

The results are more dangerous like arthritis, vacuities, and other muscle and joint related troubles can appear. So if you are still young and see these signs then immediately book an appointment of HIV.     

4. Cough:

Cough and cold are also common diseases but a constant dry cough that never leaving you from a long time can be an early symptom of HIV.

When your body gets affected with HIV virus and fights off with bacteria that result in cough in the body and it can’t be treated with normal antibiotics or cough suppressing medicines.

The immune system gets weak so the body gets unable to fight with a virus and the trouble never leaves you.

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5. Swelling in the Lymph Nodes:

The lymph nodes swelling is one of the most common symptoms of HIV and 68% of HIV patients have triggered this as a prior sign of HIV infection.

The lymph node swelling occurs to the neck area, shoulders, underarms and every time you feel discomfort while sleeping or sitting.

Your whole body is busy to fights with a virus of HIV and that results in the swelling in the lymph nodes.    

6. Constant Headache:

If you feel constant headaches without any other major reason then it can be a signal of HIV. Though there are many other factors can be responsible for a headache but in the case of HIV, a normal headache can be transformed into a migraine so the tests are necessary.    

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7. Sudden Weight  Loss:

Sudden weight loss is connected with other diseases too but it is also a major symptom of the HIV virus. According to several studies in America it has been estimated that people who were suffering from HIV lost their weight in a month.  

8. Yeast Infection:

Most of the HIV patients suffer from a yeast infection. It is not necessary that if you have a yeast infection then you are suffering from HIV but yes it is reckoned as a common sign of HIV.

9. Skin Rashes:

Skin rashes are also a major sign of HIV and more than 85% of people faced this issue during HIV. This is also being called HIV rashes and rashes can appear to any part of your body and can be changed into blisters that are really painful.

Most of the time you feel burning sensation and itching on your skin and it makes your skin rough and bad.  

10. Fatigue:

There are many other reasons available that produce unusual fatigue in your body and make your body tired and weak and it is also a prior symptom of HIV and it never gets okay even after resting.  

Your whole body is busy to eliminate the effect of HIV virus that’s why you feel tired, energy-less, and lazy. 

11. Sweating:

If you feel night sweating even if the weather is pleasant then it may result in HIV infection due to the body temperature rises during the night and produces night sweating.

You go to your bed with normal temperature but after some time you feel sweating which you should not ignore just like that.  

Sometimes you feel all the clothes are wet even the bed sheets are also wet with sweating.  

12. Cold Sores:

The herpes simplex virus is the producer of cold sores and it can be a major symptom of HIV virus. Cold sores can trigger the genital, mouth, or rectal area. If you have HIV and also cold sores then the condition can become worse.  

13. Breathing Difficulty:

Breathing difficulty or short breathing is also a major symptom of HIV. As we know that when a virus enters your bloodstreams and the whole body tries to fight with viruses and day by day you feel more weak and tired and these are things are the causes of short breathing.

If you see all these signs of HIV then the HIV test must be included in your list of to-do   

Dr Maria

MD Board Certified physician 8 years of experience in health care Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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