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Candida auris Symptoms in Men and Women should never be ignored!

Looking for fungal superbug candida auris symptoms? Candida auris infection, also known as C. auris infection, is a dangerous fungus infection that is a microorganism that can spread in humans rapidly.  The first time fungus infection was found in the 2009 in-ear canal in a person who lives in Tokyo, Japan.

The fungus always stays on our skin, and a person gets infected when visiting such contaminated places as hospitals, laboratories, etc. 

In this Article

  1. What is Candida auris Infection
  2. Causes of Candida Auris
  3. Symptoms of candida auris in Adults
  4. Who is infected with Candida Auris
  5. Candida auris Mode of Transmission
  6. Risk factors for Candida Auris
  7. Candida auris Prevention

What is Candida auris Infection?

Candida auris infection or C. auris infection is a fungus ailment that mainly infects those who already have a weak immune system or fighting severe medical conditions. 

Candida infection can be contagious and transmit easily in humans. Auris is a Latin name that means ear, but the infection can spread to any part of the body and bloodstream.   

Causes of Candida Auris

Healthy people don’t get infected with C. auris infection still some prior causes are:-

  • The yeast infection can survive in the contaminated zones like hospitals, nursing areas, and medical laboratories, and even it can be present in the environment. 
  • The subtypes of candida fungus that are known to be MDR or also called multi-drug resistant, can cause C. auris. 
  • People infected with C. auris are the primary cause for spreading the infection because it is a highly contagious infection. 
  • The C. auris can easily spread by contacting the infected person and even through open wounds. 
  • The proper and prior cause of C. auris infection is still under investigation, and there is no proper medication available for eliminating the infection.  

Symptoms of Candida auris in Adults

C auris symptoms are difficult to identify because they target already sick people who are seriously infected or ill.  

Here we are mentioning the whole information in detail about candida auris infection, so let’s have a closer look at that:-

1. Fever  


Fever is one of the common sign and symptoms of C. auris that don’t go quickly and even antibiotics looks failed if you have this fungus. 

Only the proper lab test can be declared whether you are infected with candida auris or not?  

2. Chills 


Including fever, chills are also a sign of C. auris. Fever and chills are quite common signs. That’s why it is always delayed in patients to diagnose the disease. 

If you have compromised immunity or severe disease and you often visit nursing homes, and if you notice fever and chills that are not leaving you after medication, then you mustn’t ignore the symptoms.    

3. Ear Infection 

Ear Infection

Ear infections are declared lack of hearing, feeling heaviness in ears, pain, ear drainage, headache, etc. ear infection is also a significant sign of C. auris infection. If ignored or left uncured, you may lose the power of hearing. 

4. Blood Infection 

Blood Infection

A blood infection is one of the dangerous and life-threatening signs of C. auris fungus. It infects the whole bloodstream, including fever, chills, and redness to the skin. 

A person can fall into a coma and, in severe conditions, can lead to death.  

5. Medication doesn’t Work


Candida auris has such substances that make antifungal medicines don’t work correctly as they should do, and this is also a sign that you mustn’t ignore and rush for immediate help.  

6. Wound Infection 

Wound Infection

A person with candida fungus has any wounds; it won’t heal naturally, and even bacteria make it worse and delay in healing. The infection causes pus in the wound with swelling and pain. 

7. Weakness and Fatigue 

 Weakness and Fatigue

This infection mainly targets those who have a weak immune system, and after getting infected with C. auris, the condition worsens. 

One always feels tired and weak because the body has been trying to fight off the infection, and fever and pain worsen. 

Who is infected with Candida Auris?

C. auris infection can transmit commonly in medical staff in the hospitals and nursing homes, and laboratories and can cause jeopardy for life as the infection spreads in the bloodstream.  

Mostly, the medication suggested for candida auris resists and doesn’t work well, and most people don’t survive after having C. auris. 

Candida auris Mode of Transmission

People with immunocompromised are at higher risk of C. auris infection. The early symptoms and prognosis are still unpredictable. There are no particular symptoms available except fever and chills, and misguidance and lack of proper diagnosis of C. auris make it more dangerous. 

Any age group or gender or any individual can be infected by C. auris infection. 

Close contact with an infected person or lack of hygiene or visiting in the contaminated zone is the method of transmission.   

Candida auris lives on the surface. That’s why it can easily spread, even touching the infected person or things. It spread in the blood vessels and is mostly misdiagnosis due to a lack of early signs.   

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Risk factors for Candida Auris

The CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been stated that people who are visiting hospitals for a long time or have prolonged illness are more prone to C. auris. 

  • People with a weak immune system 
  • Uncontrolled diabetes 
  • Organ transplant or surgeries 
  • HIV or AIDS 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Prolonged kidney dialysis
  • Using antibiotics for a long time 
  • Using bladder catheters 
  • Hospitalized for a long time or living on life-support devices or ventilators 

Candida auris Prevention

The proper recognition and only a well-diagnosed examination and treatment are pretty essential to prevent candida auris. Some other ways of prevention are:-

  • Proper hand sanitization and washing are essential, especially by health staff and professionals. 
  • All the health care providers, medical staff, and caretakers must be guided and know about maintaining the hygiene and cleanness of the environment.  
  • Using the disinfection methods and sanitizing all the medical and surgical equipment, including the beds, bedsheets, intensive care units, patient rooms, washrooms, etc. 
  • Maintaining a proper distance from an infected person by wearing gloves and masks and using PPE kits would help control the spread of C. auris. 
  • All the medical staff and caretakers must be guided about the seriousness of Candida auris. 
  • People who take care of infected patients must be limited. 
  • Candida auris can be treatable if diagnosed early, but some strains can still be dangerous.    

So, friends, we hope that after going through the above candida auris symptoms in men and women will surely help you.

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