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8 Signs That Your Body is Crying Out for Help!

Signs That Your Body Is Crying Out for Help!: The Human body works on the full mechanism and there is no doubt that whenever there is something wrong with our body it always gives some symptoms. 

There are certain things that our body tells us about our health and wellness. In ancient time, people used to predict the diseases only in the first peep whenever they see somebody. 

One should never ignore these tiny signs because it can be a symptom of something is black at the bottom. 

In this article, we are describing 8 signs that our body is crying out for help and if you see such signs and recognize them well then you can treat yourself before a condition becomes worse, so without any delay let’s have a closer look at the signs:-

1. Muscle Cramps:

Cramps like leg cramps, back cramps or anywhere else can be a sign that your body has been losing the required nutrients and minerals and one should add more healthy food in their diet. 

Cramps always come suddenly and when you feel such cramps sometimes you feel excess pain to the affected area. It can be also a normal condition but if you feel the constant cramp issue then never ignore this. 

Your body is becoming weak and you must add minerals rich diet that adds iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, etc. try to avoid junk foods and fried foods that have zero nutrients value. 

There are different organic supplements available that you can add in your diet that would also help you to fulfill the malnutrition.

2. Skin Dullness:

Everyone wants flawless and healthy skin tone and people do hard efforts to gain this. If your body is not okay from the inside how can you get a flawless and healthy skin tone? Only the external ways never, so internal wellness is also important even more important. 

If your skin is becoming dull and rough then make sure that it is not common. May be your body needs much hydration and care? There are several factors that can be responsible for skin dullness and rough skin tone. 

Our skin releases natural oil to protect the outer layer from dryness and pollution. If you go out excessively or use cheap products on your skin or drink less water then there are such chances that your skin won’t be healthy. 

You shouldn’t ignore this symptom and use protection for pollution. Drink plenty of water and always use good quality and natural products to your skin.  

3. Particular Food Craving:

We all have some choices regarding foods. If you feel that suddenly you start liking different kinds of food that you never crave before like sweet or sour the make sure that your body needs these foods. 

Most of the time craving effect because of hormonal changes in the body. Some people start eating seafood and some people hate particular food types. Try to be aware and pay attention to your cravings because sometimes you eat junk food that can affect your overall health. 

4. Brittle Hairs and Nails:

If you feel that suddenly you are having brittle hairs and brittle nails then you must know that your body is crying out for calcium and vitamin B and other needed minerals and vitamins. 

You must change your recent diet and meet an expert that can set your diet. Use good quality products and add more green vegetables to your diet chart.   

5. Bad Breath:

Bad breathing is also considered as halitosis and millions of people are facing this issue. If you ever noticed that people use extra mouth freshener and mouth gels. 

There are certain reasons for bad breath like poor oral hygiene, any disease, poor digestive health, acidity, infection, etc. if you feel such symptoms try to maintain oral health and use branded toothpaste that keeps you fresh for a long time.  

Drink excess water or take beverages that keep you hydrated and fresh from inside. 

6. Bloating and Heaviness:

Thousands of people feel bloating, heaviness in the stomach due to lack of proper vitamins, constipation, and poor eating habits, and lack of drinking fluid. 

If you feel bloated every time and lack of appetite then add some exercise like walking, running, or other light exercises. Drink sufficient water and add more fiber-rich diet in your routine. 

Try to avoid junk and fast food and cut out alcohol consumption.  

7. Early Fatigue and Tiredness:

After a particular age, people feel that they are losing their energy and stamina. If you are not eating healthy food, if you are not doing any workout then it is natural that your body becomes weak and crying out for help. 

Though there are many other reasons available for fatigue like stress, illness, heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, etc. you have to find out that if you have no disease then why you are becoming tired. 

Contact your dietician or an expert that can help you and eat such foods that raise your energy and stamina.     

8. Mood Swings: 

Mood swings are quite common and women are prone to this trouble. If you feel that you are facing early mood swings, frustration, anxiety then your body is crying for iron. 

Thousands of women are facing iron deficiency or anemia. It is because of lack of proper diet. Add iron-rich food in your diet and you can also take iron supplements or syrup that will fulfill this deficiency. 


Our body is our best friend only when it is healthy and okay. Only you can listen to why your body is crying out for help and only you can help yourself. 

We have elaborated many important points in this article but still, if you feel anything extra then please share with us. 

Always eat healthily and live naturally. Illness is never good for anybody that’s why we have discovered such information that can provide a long life. 

Stay connected with us for more articles and shares your experience with us and shares this article with your friends and well-wishers. 

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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