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How to Get rid of Sunburn Redness on Face Fast Overnight

Don’t we look forward to a warm summer after the chilly winter to enjoy pool parties, barbeque, cool summer dresses and so on? Yes! We all enjoy the fun activities on the sea beach as summer is the best time to get the golden tan for some people, while most are feared the scorching sun rays and skin damage due to sunburn. So it is time to know about how to get rid of sunburn redness on face overnight.

However, if we want to enjoy the summer activities without the tan, we have to follow few steps that are fruitful enough to get a cool complexion even in summer. So stay with us. We are coming with the most excellent ideas how to get rid of sunburn redness on face fast overnight-

Sunburn Causes

Sunburn is the most common incident as our skin remains uncovered when we go out in the scorching sun. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to use sunscreen every time, and most of us do not habituate to it.

So being unconcerned about the damage that UV rays cause to our skin is one of the common reason we get tanned in Summer in just 10 minutes.

Yes! Only 10 minutes of exposure to scorching sun rays is enough to change the skin condition as the skin turned res as the UV rays affect the living tissue of the skin, and as a result, the DNA of the skin starts to damage.

Generally, Sunburn Depends on the Following Factors

• Individual’s skin type.

• How intense was the sun ray?

• Is there any minimum protection such as sunscreen, umbrella or long-sleeved covered dress?

• How long the skin soaked in the sun rays.

Sunburn Symptoms

• At first, the skin turns red.

• In severe sunburn causes the affected skin start swelling and developing small blisters.

• After a few days, the skin started itching and peeling the skin’s outer surface.

• In some cases, nausea may occur.

How to Get rid of Sunburn Redness on Face Fast Overnight

1. Cold Milk

Milk is skin-friendly and gives it the required hydration to become smooth and soft. It works very well to treat sunburned skin.


• First, wash the affected parts with normal water and pat them dry.

• Take one up of cold milk in a bowl.

• You can add mint oil to get extra benefits.

• Wet a cotton ball with the milk and gently apply it to the affected skin.

• Wait for a few minutes so that the milk got dry and formed a layer on the skin. It locked the moisture of the skin to bring back the softness.

• Keep it for 1 hour to get the proper relief.

2. Banana Paste

Banana is readily available at home, and it can give you instant relief from the burning. It contains moisturizer with vitamins and minerals. All the ingredients work to repair the skin and bring back the usual glow.

How to Get rid of Sunburn Redness on Face with Banana Paste?

• Take half of a banana and mash it with a spoon.

• Add two or three drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon of milk into it.

• Mix up all the components to form a smooth paste.

• Apply it with the help of a spatula and wait for 30 minutes.

• Repeat this thrice a week if you got a second-degree sunburn.

• Banana paste calms down the irritations with a soothing effect on the damaged skin surface, while lemon juice and milk work to lighten the skin tone.

3. Alovera Gel and Honey

Both are natural products that work to heal sunburned skin. Aloe vera is best known for its power to cure pain and burn since old age when there were no cosmetic products.

This succulent plant contains colourless jelly-like juice with lots of potent antioxidants to hydrate the skin. Honey also has antiseptic properties that help to cure wounds faster than anything.


• Take a grown-up leaf of aloe vera and peel off the outer skin.

• Collect the jelly-like substance in a bowl and mix it well with one teaspoon of honey with a spoon.

• Apply the mixture to the skin. Let it stay for one hour.

• Wash it with lukewarm water.

4. Cornstarch and Coconut Oil

This well-known kitchen stuff is helpful to get rid of any rashes and skin irritations. Coconut oil hosts a high level of saturated fat that works as a moisturizer on the skin. It hydrates the dry, sunburned skin and locks the moisture.


• Take two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch. Add plain water into it to make a smooth paste of thick consistency.

• Add three to four drops of coconut oil with it and stir it well.

• Apply to the affected area with a spatula evenly. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes.

• Then wash it off.

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5. Tea and Mint Pack

Green tea is the storehouse of antioxidants which is beneficial for health and skin. It resists the inflammation that occurs due to sunburn and improves the skin condition. Unlike Green tea, mint or Pudina has a refreshing and cooling effect on the burn as it contains Menthol in a reasonable quantity. In addition, with its antibacterial properties, mint helps to heal the burn affected area.


• You can take green tea bags (four or five) or loose green tea leaves to make tea at home. Boil it into two cups of water to get the liquor.

• Take fresh mint leaves and grind them with a hand mortar or mixer to make a smooth paste.

• Add the tea liquor into the mint leaf paste.

• Apply it on the area where the skin becomes reddish.

• You can also use black tea liquor if green tea is not available.

• Wait for half an hour so that the area gets dry to get its benefit. Then, wash it off with lukewarm water.

6. Papaya and yogurt paste

Ripe papaya is such a vegetable that it is equally beneficial for health and beauty. It has skin brightening properties that help to get rid of pigmentation caused due to sunburn. The enzyme papain and alpha-hydroxyl acid works as an exfoliator and clear the dead skin. As we all know, Yoghurtyoghurt contains all the benefits of lactic acids to rejuvenate skin texture and moisture.


• Cut one or two pieces from a fully grown ripe papaya. Peel it off.

• Smash it with a grinder.

• Take two teaspoonfuls of sour Yoghurtyoghurt and mix the two components well.

• Apply it to the area. At first, slight irritation may occur.

• Allow the paste to dry for 45 minutes and then wash with normal water.

• Repeat it thrice a week to get the usual glow back.

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7. Take Protection

Prevention is always better than cure and so before you go out in summer, be aware of your dress. Do not wear sleeveless outside, especially during midday time.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen with a healthy SPF content to give your skin minimum protection. If you are going to the beach, wear sunshades and hats. Finally, drink enough water to keep your body hydrated.

8. Tomato Paste with Multani mitti

Tomato, as we know, serves different health benefits. It has lycopene, which is a kind of carotenoid that has antioxidant properties. When our skin gets burned in the sunray, the outer layer of the skin epidermis gets damaged due to the activities of free radicals. Only a potent antioxidant can inhibit the free radicals from spreading out. 

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is well known cosmetic clay that uses a face mask to absorb all impurities from the skin surface.


• Squeeze one tomato and take the juice in a bowl.

• Add two teaspoonful of Multani mitti into it and mix it well so that it becomes a thick paste.

• Cover the reddish skin evenly and allow it to dry for one hour.

• Wash it with normal water. Repeat it twice a week.

9. Orange Peel

Orange peel has natural oil and vitamin c. Apart from that, it contains citric acid. All the ingredients work to lighten the skin tone and help to get rid of the blemishes. It works as a natural bleacher.


• Orange peel powder is available in the market, but it will give the best result if you can use the fresh orange peel.

• Take the required quantity and grind it to get a smooth paste.

• Also, you can add few drops of lavender oil, if available.

• Cover the sunburned area with the paste and keep it for one hour. Then, wash it off with normal water.

10. Cucumber Paste with Lemon Juice and Sugar

Cucumber is a natural toner. When mixed with lemon and sugar, it acts well on the affected skin to stop the free radicals and save the skin from further damage. Sugar acts as a scrubber.


• Cut half of a cucumber and grind it to take the juice out of it.

• Add two or three drops of lemon juice and one teaspoonful of sugar into it.

• Mix it well and apply it to the burned area with a cotton ball. Let it dry for 30 minutes and wash it off.

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The most excellent way to Avoid Sunburn

1): Try to go out during the peak hours when sun rays are intense.

2): Use necessary outfits such as a hat, sunglass with UV ray protection etc., to avoid the direct ray.

3): drink fruit juice or water to keep your skin hydrated.

4): apply sunscreen lotion before going to a beach or sunlight at least 20 minutes before.

5): Wear a covered cotton outfit.

6): Immediately use cold water or ice water to use as a compressor to get sunburn. This will slow down the irritation.

So, friends, I hope the most excellent remedy on how to get rid of sunburn redness on face will work for you. But as prevention is the best way to avoid such a situation, follow the necessary steps that will help you stay glowing and shining even in the summertime.

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