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How to Get rid of a Stye Overnight at Home

Looking for how to get rid of a stye overnight? Every one of us gets blisters or bumps in some form or other in different parts of the body. The red bumps that grow on or under the eyelids are called a stye.

It is a most common eye condition that may occur at some point of time in your life. The styes are very sore, affect the aesthetic of the eyes, and make it difficult to cover up.

Besides, it also causes a lot of discomforts. How to Get rid of a Stye Overnight? Before we look into that, let’s see what is a stye, the causes, and the remedies.

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  1. What is stye in eye
  2. Causes of stye in eyelid
  3. Stye symptoms itchy
  4. Risk factors of stye
  5. How to Get Rid of a Stye Overnight 
  6. What to do if stye doesn’t go away

What is stye in eye

A style is a tiny, irritating, and disturbing red bump that appears on or under the eyelid. It forms due to infection or blockage in the glands present in the eyelids or in corner of eye.

Most commonly, it is a bacterial infection, and true that by the renowned bacteria staphylococcus aureus, which is quite a common household name. It forms just like a pimple or a blister that you grow on your skin.

Causes of stye in eyelid

On a lighter note, a stye is a bacterial infection. However, several conditions can lead to developing a sore bump on the eyelids.

  • It can be an acute infection termed hordeolum
  • It can be the result of prolonged inflammation, turns into a chronic infection called a chalazion

Acute infection is quite painful, forms red bumps, and is likely hot when you touch. However, it resolved quickly.

On the contrary, the chronic infection is a four-month strong bump that doesn’t make you uncomfortable but doesn’t resolve quickly.

Stye in eye is one of the most common infections, which affects the eye structure and makes it difficult to see. The exact cause of bacterial infection that leads to stye is not known.

Stye symptoms itchy

You can easily find the symptoms of the stye with a few indications.

  • Mild irritation and tiny bump when you touch the eyelid
  • Watery eyes
  • Copious discharge
  • Changes in the white part of the eye color
  • Light sensitivity
  • Hurtful eyes
  • Pain in that specific part of the eyelid when you can feel the bump
  • The gradual growth of eyelid bump
  • Red eyes

Risk factors of stye

The most common eye infection stye is attached with quite a few risk factors under certain circumstances. If you develop a stye due to chalazion, it increases the risk of repeated occurrence in the future.

  • These risk factors multiply with chronic skin conditions like dermatitis, rosacea psoriasis, etc
  • A few medical conditions like inflammation of eyelids, diabetes, high lipids, etc
  • Cosmetic reasons like not removing the makeup properly or
  • using old makeup products regularly or
  • wearing heavy makeup despite eye infection.

How to Get Rid of a Stye Overnight 

How to Get Rid of a Stye Overnight 

Unless it is a chronic condition, it is really easy to get rid of a stye . Many home remedies come in handy to cure stye.

Let us look at the right home remedies for Stye and how do you get rid of a stye overnight on your bottom eyelid with ease.

1. Warm Compress

For all types of pain, swelling, and warm irritation, a compress can give a soothing effect. The same applies to Stye. You can reduce the discomfort and swell to a great extent in a few minutes.

  • Take a clean piece of cloth/sponge
  • Dip in warm water
  • Squeeze the water
  • Place it on the stye or bump for a few seconds
  • Repeat three to four times until you find comfort

2. Tea Bag Compress

If you are not comfortable using a cloth for a warm compress, you can do it easily with a teabag. The back is so easy to use and also comes with healing benefits. You can choose green tea or black tea packets.

  • Brew the tea as you do (immerse the tea bag in a glass of hot water)
  • Remove the teabag from the water and let the extra water drip out.
  • Make sure it is warm enough
  • Apply the tea bag to your eyes in the affected area
  • Tea contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the swelling around the bump.

3. Cold Compress

Similar to a warm compress, you can also apply a cold compress on the painful and irritating styes. Cold compress reduces the pain when is swelling and irritation in a few minutes.

  • Take an ice cube and wrap it in a clean cloth and gently apply on eyes, massage around the eyes
  • It should consist of an Ice cube. You can use anything cold like frozen pea bags, frozen cabbage leaves, etc
  • Alternatively, place a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes and apply the cold spoon to the affected spot

4. Wash with Soap and Water

Bacterial infection is easily curable in case if it is an acute infection. You can get rid of stye quickly by using antibacterial soap. Wash the eyes with soap and water. It makes a very quick, simple, and effective remedy.

5. Do not Pop

It is a common habit that you pop any blister or acne. Just like we have to do a few things to get rid of style, you should not do a few things to aggravate the infection. 

Never attempt to pop the stye with your hands or use any object. It worsens the infection, increases the risk of infection spreading to other parts of the eye, and may damage the eye.

6. No to Makeup

It won’t be significant harm if you skip the eye makeup for a few days. At all, you’re just trying to help yourself to get rid of this infection quickly.

Wearing make makeup blocks the glands and aggravates the infection. Let your eyes stay sans makeup until you get rid of a stye.

7. Gentle Eye Massage

How to get rid of a stye overnight with gentle massage? You can do a little eye massage to improve blood circulation and gently unclog the glands in the eyes.

The massage can be done with a warm compress, cold compress, or even oil. However, the eyes do not get over the massage may further strain the eye.

Massaging the eyes helps to drain the stye naturally without causing any harmful effects.

These are the simple home remedies that can help you get rid of a stye in three to four days. The best thing about resorting to home remedies is reducing the pain, discomfort, and irritation quickly.

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What to do if stye doesn’t go away?

Sometimes home remedies are not sufficient to cure this condition fully. In such cases, you might make antibacterial pills to clear the infection. Also, you can use an antibiotic ointment to ease away the infection and bumps.

Do not wear contact lenses when you are infected with stye

Inspire of having recurrent compresses and other remedies, and when the stye doesn’t improve in one to two weeks, you can visit a doctor immediately.

In addition, if you notice the following signs, see a doctor immediately

  • The size of the bump grows
  • When you feel constant eye irritation and pain
  • When the stye bleeds
  • When you cannot see properly
  • When the stye multiples/spreads

A doctor may prescribe powerful antibiotic creams, antibiotic eye drops, and oral antibiotics to clear the infection.

Sometimes, your doctor may give a steroid shot to reduce the inflammation in case of chronic infection.

Surgery may be an option when the stye is large and is an outcome of chronic inflammation, infection, i.e., Chalazion.

In many cases, styes normally heal by it and drain naturally without any intervention. However, there is a risk of recurrence.

Acute infection heals in one to two weeks. In the case of chronic stye, after proper medical treatment, it will take about a month for complete recovery.

The best way to prevent stye is the practice of good hygiene. Proper eye care helps you prevent many eye infections. Also, be careful about using eye cosmetics.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers-

Q. How to get rid of stye on eyelid fast in 24 hours?

Ans. Warm compress is the most effective remedy for a stye. Warmness aids in helping to bring the pus to the outer edge and allowing the stye to dry up naturally.

Q. Why stye gone but bump still there?

Ans. A stye is a pimple on the inside of your eyelid. A chalazion is formed when a stye does not heal completely. It looks like a stye but isn’t infected. It occurs when one of your eyelid’s oil glands becomes clogged. Consult an eye doctor if you have a large, painful stye that won’t go away.

Q. Are styes contagious?

Ans. Stye is not contagious. A stye that doesn’t go away formed chalazion. Although it is an eye infection, it doesn’t spread to others. Only viral infections are contagious. However, it may break out and spread to the nearby parts.

Q. Can a stye last for months?

Ans. Most chalazion and styes go away on their own after a few days to a week, but they can take months to disappear if not treated properly completely.

Q. What happens if my stye popped on its own?

Ans. A stye is an infection that affects the upper or lower eyelids. After a few days, most styes burst or disappear on their own. Cleaning it, will aid in the removal of the pus. It will then drain on its own.

So, friends, we hope that going through the above how to get rid of a stye overnight will surely help you. So please don’t delay taking the benefits of it.

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