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Top 10 Bad Habits that Ruin Your Eyesight

Top 10 Bad Habits that Ruin Your Eyesight: Here we will know about bad habits that ruin your eyesight. The best gift God has given to blessed people is eye’s, which let us feel the pleasure of seeing this colorful world, with beautiful creatures and nature.

The eye can be considered as the most important human organ but, unknowingly or knowingly we are damage this precious gift by opting for some bad habits.

Today’s lifestyle is busy and full of stress, due to workload we skip the important things and after sometimes this causes problems and if those problems are not treated in time than they turn huge and leads to big health hazards.

I would like to share a fact here that 37% of the people choose to wait for the eyesight to damages instead of opting for eyeglasses. We take this special gift as granted and ignore the consequences,

Whether you swim with your eye contact or lighting for smoke, there are some habits that are part of the daily routine which is damaging your eyesight. Further, in this post, we are going to know about 10 bad habits that are damaging your eyesight and are needed to be either changed or stopped.

Top 10 Bad Habits that Ruin Your Eyesight:

1. Smoking can Ruins your Eyesight:

Smoking doubles the chances of losing eyesight after 50. Smoking causes damage retina, and when the retina begins to deteriorate, so does your vision. Smoking is also the main cause of macular degeneration, cataracts and blood vessel damage.

As we all know smoking also causes damage to lungs and heart but it can cause severe damage to your eyesight. The smoke from your cigarette is bad for your overall health.

When the smoke goes into your eyes it damages your eyesight to a large extent. also, the smoke which goes inside your body damages it from the inside.

2. Rubbing the eyes can Ruin Your Eyesight:

Feeling relieved by rubbing eyes?. We all are unaware of the consequences that we can go across by just rubbing our eyes. Rubbing your eyes frequently can cause permanent corneal damage and it can even break the delicate vessels surrounding the eyes.

Whenever you feel an outer object in your eyes, avoid rubbing eyes to prevent any damage to eyes and keep your eyesight safe. If you rub your eyes frequently, it may lead to keratoconus. It is a disorder happens in eyes where cornea completely thins and starts to bulge externally.

Prevent rubbing your eyes, in this place you can use eye drop for the relief from the itching sensation and supply some fluids to your eyes.

3. Looking at the computer screen for too long:

Looking at a computer screen for too long can cause CVS or computer vision syndrome. This condition is likely to occur with people who work on a computer all day.

People nowadays are using social media excessively and this makes them look at the laptop screen for 2 plus hours which makes our eyes dry as well as tired.

If we want to prevent CVS than we should look at the computer screens while taking breaks. This will give time to our eyes, in which the muscle around it gets relaxed and ready to work again.

4. Alcohol can Ruin Your Eyesight:

We all are well known for the bad consequences which arrive from heavy drinking, but these drinking habits can damage your eyesight too.

Your sensitivity and color contrast gets affected by drinking heavily. Macular degeneration may also appear early if a person is drinking an excessive quantity of alcohol.

Drinking too much alcohol processes vitamin A in a different manner, and as the way of processing varies, this leads to damage to your eyes.

This bad habit can make it difficult for you to distinguish between various shades of Grey. Also, as we all know drinking too much is unhealthy for your body.

5. Bad diet can Ruin Your Eyesight:

Good vision comes from good nutrition. There are many essential nutrients we need for a healthy body and eyes. For healthy eyes, vitamin E and C, fatty acids omega 3 acids are very important.

We should avoid eating food item that are rich in sodium as they cause dehydration in our body and finally leads to dry eyes.

We should always keep ourselves hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating green and fresh vegetables. This will maintain the supply of required fluids to eyes and prevent dryness and itching.

6. Not visiting an eye doctor regularly:

When takes our cars to the showrooms every month for proper servicing and maintenance and also to keep a regular check on your car’s issues. Similarly, our body and eyes a needs a regular checkup from experts to know the health status of your eyes and keep a track of issues that comes with your eyes.

Doctors can also see whether you are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure just by examining your eyes. But primarily your eyesight can be saved if there are any signs of upcoming troubles.

7. Using too much makeup:

Using too much makeup can be dangerous for your eyesight. Our eyes are very sensitive and putting anything near them is a potential risk. Makeup can cause infection in your eyes. Using eye makeup can cause infection to your eyes by blocking oil glands.

Also, you should replace all your makeup items after three months as bacteria grows up of in item like mascara. These bacteria if reaches your eyes can cause nasty infections which can damage your eyesight completely or partially.

8. Not Wearing Eyeglasses:

If you have glasses to put on, put them on. These glasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, which causes damage to your eyes.

Going in sunlight sometimes causes a headache or red eyes, these can be prevented by simply wearing your eyeglasses when you go out in sun.

Not putting on your eyeglasses also causes strain to your eyes which finally turn into pain. Eyes glasses also protect your eyes from dirt, which damages the eyesight.

9. Over Using Eye Drops can Ruin Your Eyesight:

We use eye drops as a temporary solution for dry eyes but these eye drops can cause irritation in your eyes if used too much. Using nonprescription eye drops not really improves the health of the eyes, they just help you with the redness. Doctors and researchers suggest the use of eye drops for only a short period of time.

If you feel like using eye drop than consult your doctor once. Also, stop using the eye drop, if it causing irritation or redness in your eyes.

10. Watching TV Before Sleep:

Looking at any type of screen in your bed is not good for the health of your eyes. When we look at the TV screen, the colors in the picture changes very fast and this makes our eyes work very harder to identify the change, this leads to excessive strain to your eyes and may lead to a headache. This also leads to dryness of the eyes, and this lack of fluidity damages the eyesight.

Eyes also go through strain if we read in dim light and this is not advised by the doctors too. It is advised not to use any kind of screen before bedtime. To prevent your eyes from being damaged, try not to watch TV before bedtime.


So, these 10 bad habits damaging your eyesight, try changing them or stopping them for a better and healthy lifestyle and eyesight. Our eyes are very sensitive and need lots of care for proper functioning.

Changing these habits can improve the life of your eyes, also opting for good habits in place of these will bring positive changes to your overall health. It is suggested to visit your eye doctor more often to maintain your eyesight and keep a track of other eye problems.

Eyes are the beautiful gift from mother nature, let’s not spoil it. I hope this post turn to be an inspiration for opting for good and healthy habits.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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