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11 Health Benefits and Dangers of Sleeping With Your Dog

Are there health benefits of sleeping with your dog? A dog can be like a part of your family, and people love to spend quality time with their cute puppy. More than 50% of people love to sleep with their dog as they feel safe and happy, and why not as there are various benefits that you are not aware of.

The studies also favors that pet owners like dogs and cats seem more positive than others, and they have to do more exercise. [1]

If you are still worried that you must share the bed with your dog or not, then this information on health benefits and dangers of sleeping with your dog would be helpful for you, so keep reading till the end and know your answers:-

Health Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

Health Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

1. Reduces Stress  

A recent study between dogs and their owners stated that spending time with their dog increases the oxytocin hormone, also known as the love hormone, that can instantly change your mood. [2]

Think if you sleep with your dog, what can be the benefits? Sleeping with a dog can be an antidepressant and reduce stress and fatigue, and in today’s life, you must need something that can heal you naturally.  

2. Promote Brain Functioning

As we said before, sleeping with your dog can promote oxytocin levels in the brain and enhance theta waves that are very important for brain functioning. 

Studies also revealed sleeping with your dog provokes calming effect by unison the heartbeat, and you feel calm, happy, and positive. [3]

3. People Feel Secure and Comfortable

Feeling safe and secure while sleeping affects your overall health, and sleeping with your dog enhances security and comfort. 

Mostly the dogs are protective of their owner, and they can sense well if you are okay or not. Some researchers also showed that sleeping with your dog decreases nightmares that can threaten you. 

People who have PTSD, also known as a post-traumatic stress disorder, felt cozy and relaxed when they started sleeping with their pets. 

4. Recuse Loneliness

Nowadays, people live lonely life, and keeping a pet is one of the biggest reasons to solve the issue. Having a pet dog and sharing a bed with your dog can be a good idea if you feel alone. 

Your dog can be a good company that also understands your situation without raising questions. It also relieves fatigue, sadness and makes you feel relaxed and positive. 

5. Lowers Hypertension 

When we talk about the physical effects of sleeping with your dog, it can be highly beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure. When you touch your dog or cuddle it or sleep with it, it regulates blood pressure. 

If you want to relax and cure hypertension naturally, you must stay by the side of your pet at night.  

6. Provoke Bonding with your Pet

In the old-time, people used to sleep with their dogs to keep themselves warm, especially in the winter’s night. You may have noticed that when we feel warmth and safe at night, we can sleep better. 

Sharing a bed with your dog also build-up a strong relationship and bonding between both of you. It helps train them well as they strongly understand your indications and feelings after sleeping with their owner. 

7. Good for Heart’s Health

American Heart Association has stated a connection between dogs and their owners linked with the heart’s health, and luckily pet owners can achieve better cardiac health. 

It is also one of the benefits of sleeping with your dog that when your blood pressure stays normal, your heart will be healthy.   

8. Cure Insomnia

One recent study was done on those who spend more time in the bed with their dog, and they scored much better than non-pet owners as they have a better and uninterrupted sleep. 

Insomnia is very common in today’s life due to poor lifestyle, stress, workload, etc. If you often wake up tired and feel a lack of energy, you must try to sleep with your dog and see the results within some days. 

9. Makes you Happy

When your body releases more oxytocin, and your heart rate is in synchronization, you automatically feel happy and positive the whole day, and sleeping with a dog can appear all these benefits. 

10. Good for Overall Health

Sleeping with your dog can be helpful for overall health. It provokes you for more exercise and walks because the pet wants to. You are now stress-free, and no more aloneness is bothering you. 

More than 40% of people admitted that sleeping with their dog changed their whole life and proved beneficial for mental and physical health.  

11. Make you Active 

When you have a pet, you can’t be lazy, especially with a dog. Keeping a dog makes you more energetic and active; when you sleep better at night, you wake up in the right mood and start your day walking or jogging with your pet.  

Dangers of Sleeping with Dogs

Dangers of Sleeping with Dogs

1. Can have Allergies 

If you have any allergies or have sensitivity, you must avoid sleeping with your dog, or it can raise more problems related to health. 

2. Uncomfortable for someone

People who are light sleepers can’t sleep properly with their dog due to dogs also snoring, and they move the whole night that can disturb your sleep. 

3. Not for an Untrained Dog

If your dog is still untrained or too young, it will take to make a space for him in the bed. Sometimes it can pee in the bed that can create more trouble for you. 

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4. Not Safe for infants 

Infants and kids have a weak immune system, and they are still growing. Sleeping with a dog can make them sick or develop allergic reactions, so don’t allow the child to sleep with a dog. 

Dos and Don’ts with Dogs

Dos and Don'ts with Dogs


  • Always maintain hygiene and keep the mattress clean that you are using for sleeping with your dog. You can also use an anti-bacterial mattress or use a sanitizer regularly. 
  • Keep your dog clean and. Dogs can have a foul smell that you never like while sleeping, so use a good quality dog shampoo. 
  • Train your dog in a way so it can understand the boundaries and their area while sleeping with you. 


  • If your dog is quite aggressive or feels aggression when you share the bed with someone else’s, then don’t allow it to sleep with you. 
  • Don’t pamper the dog more so it can become a nuisance for you and your guests.  

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