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Coronavirus Treatment: How to Cure Coronavirus without Vaccine

Coronavirus Treatment: Coronavirus or also called COVID-19 belongs to a virus family that is basically a zoonotic means it can affect humans and animals both.  

Nowadays, coronavirus has been becoming a life-threatening world issue as it affects the respiratory system and kills you silently. The early symptoms are also common starts with flu-like symptoms.

Human coronavirus case was found in the 1960’s with the proper proofs and now it has been detected again in December 2019 in Wuhan city, China.

WHO or the World Health Organization is also concerned about the world-wide issue and trying to find out the exact cure for coronavirus. 

Coronavirus started from China and now spread in different corners of the world. It transmits rapidly so proper prevention is important. The coronavirus is similar to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS.   

Coronavirus affects mostly in the winter season where cold and coughing is very common. One can know about the positive results after having the lab tests.  

The experts have found after doing researches that, coronavirus can trigger bats, mice, rats, horses, mammals, etc and through them, a human can also get infected by it.

The word ‘Corona’ is actually a Latin word which means ‘crown’ or ‘halo’. One can easily hit by common cold and flu-like symptoms and still the antidote for coronavirus is not available and the researchers are under study.       

According to the recent data, coronavirus has infected more than 90,000 people all over the world and the amount can increase.

Symptoms of Coronavirus:

The symptoms of coronavirus affect person to person differently so there can be variations in the symptoms but some common symptoms are:-

  • Running nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing and fever
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Sore throat and fatigue
  • Chest congestion

As virus symptoms start as a common cold or pneumonia so scientists can’t detect easily about the coronavirus. For coronavirus treatment, only self-care and prevention is the only way to save you.

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Coronavirus Treatment:

“Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chaudhury” has been suggested some amazing cure for coronavirus treatment that we are mentioning below:-

Step 1:

Liquid diet:

The moment you see the flu symptoms you must start a liquid diet on the first day.

Just divide your body weight by 10, suppose your weight is 60/10=6, you must drink 6 glasses of citrus juice and in an equal amount of coconut water on the first day.

In citrus juice include orange, berries like strawberry, raspberry, also can add pineapple and some lime juice that is optional and fresh coconut water.

Do not eat anything only take liquid diet on the first day.

Always take fresh coconut water and try to keep you hydrated. Coronavirus can easily enter inside you if your body would be dehydrated.     

How to cure coronavirus
How to cure coronavirus

Step 2:

Fluid Day:

Divide your body weight by 20, suppose your weight is 60 kg divide it by 20 means 3, drink 3 glass of citrus juice and in equal amount of coconut water. ( whole day)

At next, multiply your body weight by 5 that means suppose your body weight is 60*5=300; Eat tomato and cucumbers about 300 gm. (whole day)

How to cure coronavirus
How to cure coronavirus

You must start eating healthy salad like fresh cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini; carrots, etc. just cut the salad whenever you want to eat and sprinkle some black pepper or fresh spices and eat the full plate.

You can eat salad anytime in the day and avoid junk food and fried food totally. Do not eat preserved food or canned food because it can affect your immunity and provoke the viral symptoms.

Also, eat only fresh salad, do not store in the fridge for later use and do not eat canned salad.

Step 3:

Mixed Diet:

At breakfast, Divide your body weight by 30 means if your weight is 60/30= 2 drink two glass of citrus fruit juice in the breakfast and in equal coconut water.

At lunchtime, multiply your body weight by 5 and eat that gram of salad. Do not eat anything else.

At the dinner time, take the normal home-cooked as you like to have.
After repeating these steps, you certainly feel good.

how to cure coronavirus
how to cure coronavirus

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How to Protect Yourself:

As you know there is no genuine vaccine or antidote is available to treat coronavirus so you can protect you by some alertness.

1. Always use a sanitizer:

Whenever you eat something or touch something or go anywhere always wash your hands properly. Use an antibacterial hand wash and always keep a hand sanitizer with alcohol-based.

Never touch your eyes, ears, and mouth without washing your hands.

2. Avoid contact with a Sick Person:

If somebody is infected by corona nearby you, it would be better to avoid any physical contact with the person. Corona can rapidly transmit to another person so be careful.

3. Use a face mask:

If you need to go outside then use a face mask to cover your face. There are secure face masks available at the medical stores.    

4. Maintain Hygiene:

Instantly disinfect your households and floor by using a spray. There are many available that can disinfect the house. Do not spit in the public and tell others never to do so.

If you are already facing cold or cough then thrash the tissue or whatever you are using in the dustbin.

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5. Avoid Smoking Publicly:

If you are a chain smoker then try to avoid smoking especially in the public area.  

6. Cook Meat Properly:

If you love to eat meat then make sure to cook it well. Try to eat vegetarian products that must be fresh and rich with antioxidants. Never eat canned and packed food that includes preservatives.

Wash your food well with hot water and then cook it well.  

Dos and Don’ts’ in Coronavirus:


  • Try to avoid going to crowded places like malls, markets, fairs, etc.
  • Take plenty of fluid, liquid diet and drink plenty of water.
  • If you are feeling fever, cold, or breathing difficulty immediately consult with your doctor for corona check-up.
  • Do enough yoga and exercise and eat fresh salad and veggies so your immunity can boost up naturally.   
  • Coronavirus hits mostly old aged people or people with weak immunity like pregnant women so use all the precautions that are needed.   
  • Do breathing exercises to reduce chest congestion and enhancing the strength of your lungs.   
  • Stay at your home and take proper rest.  


  • Try to avoid excess traveling and always wear a face mask.
  • Avoid eating raw meat, seafood, and red meat that is heavy to digest.
  • Stop eating canned food, junk food, and street food.
  • Avoid contact with infected people.
  • Don’t spit or sneeze or cough openly and without covering your mouth.


Proper guidance and self-safety is required and also inform others. Talk with your friends and neighbors about the coronavirus and inform them also about the precautions. There are many people who are recovering well as their lifestyle was much better than others.

Eat healthy food and there are many herbal home remedies available that can raise the immunity and help to fight with the corona. Do not worry much because if you will stay aware it can’t do much harm to you.

If you like the information about coronavirus treatment just share your experience with us and stays in touch with us for more and ask your queries here.    

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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