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Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation in Legs Hands and Face

Looking for symptoms of poor blood circulation in legs hands and face? Healthy blood circulation is necessary for good health. The proper blood circulation provides energy and better performance to your body which is called oxygen. Our blood supplies oxygen and other healthy nutrients from our food to our body, so active circulation is needed to get these essentials factors.

Have you ever noticed that poor blood circulation can raise many health issues, including brain damage, liver damage, kidney damage, etc.? Maybe there are very few people who know the cons of poor circulation and the pros of good circulation.

One of the most basic reasons for poor blood circulation is the hardness of arteries. Smoking, heart problem, obesity, blood clots, poor diet, alcohol consumption, and pregnancy can also be responsible for that.

Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation in Legs Hands and Face

Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation in Legs Hands and Face

In the condition of untreated the disease can be dangerous for you. in this article, we are describing symptoms of poor blood circulation in legs hands and face that will help you to understand it more, so let’s have a closer look at that:-

1. Swelling in the Lower Hands and Feet

People got swelling in their hands and feet most of the time due to poor sitting or standing posture. Malnutrition, poor diet, ageing, the reaction of any drug can also cause swelling.

However, if you often feel the swelling in your extremity, you must understand that poor circulation is responsible. The kidneys remain no more capable of carrying out the fluid due to slow circulation.

The fluid settles to the surrounded area that appears swelling. In rare cases, excess swelling can produce leg ulcers. If you feel such a situation lift your leg to accurate the blood supplies to the heart or consult your doctor.

2. Numbness in Extremity

If you often feel numbness in your hands and feet, it can also be a symptom of poor circulation. The deficiency of magnesium, vitamin B 12, pressure on the hands and feet for an extended period, diabetes, and thyroid can also cause numbness.

3. Feeling Cold Hands and Feet

Healthy blood circulation balances the temperature of your body. Any interruption in your blood flow can spoil the body’s temperature, so you feel the coldness in your hands and feet.

Lack of oxygen and poor blood supply generates a cold effect, especially to your extremities. Rubbing those parts can help you temporarily as well.

There are other reasons also possible for that, but if you have cold hands and feet without reason, make sure that you have poor blood flow. 

4. Constant Feel Tiredness and Lack of Energy

There are several reasons available for fatigue and tiredness. The slow blood supply is one of those reasons that can make you feel tired without doing such physical or mental activity.

Our body has to work harder to supply blood to all the organs during poor blood flow, so one feels extra tiredness. It affects our whole body, and some people feel sore muscles, breathlessness, etc.  

5. Weak Immune System

You have no idea that poor blood flow can make your immune system weak, and it is natural due to the necessary nutrients and minerals for the immune system that your body needs can’t reach properly.

With weak immunity, your body remains unable to fight off bacteria or any infection, and after some time, it loses its healing ability.   

To improve the situation, try to start some exercise or just simple walking for half an hour a day.

6. Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are becoming a common issue nowadays and a significant warning sign of poor blood circulation. Studies showed that poor blood supply generates pressure on your veins that makes them swollen and twisted.

Varicose veins can be painful sometimes, and some people never bear them as a beauty aspect. Standing for a long time, obesity, pregnancy can also cause varicose veins. 

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7. Lack of Concentration

The poor blood supply in your brain can raise the poor activity of your brain. As you know, blood supplies all the essential components to all the body parts, and in the case of any unbalanced blood flow can interrupt your whole body.

It can cause poor memory, forgetting the incidents quickly, and poor concentration. Deep breathing and exercise can solve the issue. 

8. Weak Nails and Hair-fall

When your body gets all its nutrients and minerals, it keeps all the parts healthy. In poor blood circulation, your body gets unable to have those minerals, so it makes your skin dry and rough, hair-fall, and weak nail health.

Sometimes people never understand that poor blood circulation can also affect their beauty. This is also a basic warning sign of poor blood flow.   

9. Constipation

The lack of healthy nutrients and poor blood flow affects the digestive system too, and one can have the constipation issue. Slow blood supply can slow bowel management and poor appetite.

Try to drink water and do light exercise or start a morning walk to maintain blood circulation.

Lack of proper diet, unstable lifestyle, junk food, smoking, and usage of any medicine is also the reasons for constipation. 

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10. Angina

This is a condition that generates a hard and heavy feeling in your chest and spread through your arms, jaw, and backside. One can have angina due to poor blood circulation. 

When your body can’t have sufficient oxygen and essentials, it can have many troubles.

In Closing

If you think you have any of these signs, do not worry because the cure is also possible. Naturally, doing some physical work and breathing exercises can improve blood circulation.

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