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What is Diastema? How to Fix Small Gap Between Front teeth

Do you have a gap between front teeth? You aren’t alone; the space of gap between teeth is called diastema, a medical term that can trigger adults and children. 

Gap teeth are pretty common, but sometimes they can bother as people hesitate while smiling, the food particles can be stuck between the gap, and sometimes gaps can increase and turn into a severe gum problem. 

Mostly, diastema occurs in the front teeth that generally appear when you smile. The gappy teeth can also occur in canines, in all teeth, side teeth, etc. 

The gaps or diastema are treatable by performing various methods, and here we list all the required information.   

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  1. How to fix Small Gap Between front Teeth
  2. What causes Gap between Front Teeth
  3. How to Reduce gap between teeth Naturally at home
  4. Gap Between Front Teeth Astrology

How to fix Small Gap Between front Teeth

How to fix small Gap Between front Teeth

Gaps between teeth or diastema is not a dangerous or life-threatening issue. Most people live their lives as every day as others, and treatment is also not necessary.

If a person wants to get, it fixed then many ways can help as we mentioned in the following points:-

1. Orthodontic Method   

In this method, the dentist will recommend filling the gap between your teeth by doing a process called orthodontic treatment. 

The dentist will use braces to get fixed around teeth, and it will take some time to reduce the gap. You can choose braces according to your budget as suggested by the dentist. This is a popular and effective way to fill the gappy teeth. 

2. Implant  

If the gap is too large, it looks weird, and it can be filled quickly by implanting teeth between the gaps. In this method, the dentist will implant an artificial tooth matched with your natural teeth and fix it by doing a procedure. 

3. Invisalign

Invisalign includes an aligner that not only fills the gaps between teeth but also fixes the crooked teeth. Invisalign is helpful for bigger gaps as the small gapped teeth can be fixed by using veneers and dental bonding. 

4. Dental Bonding 

This is one of the most excellent ways to fix the gaps. In this procedure, a component called resin matched with teeth has been fixed between the gaps, and later on, the resin gets hard and looks natural. 

 It is the quickest way, and you need only a single visit to get the teeth gap fixed. 

5. Composite and Porcelain veneers 

Switching to veneers can also be helpful to fix the gaps between teeth, but before that, you must understand the difference between composite and porcelain veneers. 

Porcelain veneers fix the unshaped teeth with larger gaps and provide fabulous results. This is a little expensive method and if you can afford it, choosing this method won’t disappoint you. 

Moreover, composite veneers are used to fill small gaps and are cheaper than porcelain veneers. For both processes, you need to consult an expert dentist. 

6. Retainers 

Retainers are not just used to align and straight teeth, but they also effectively fill the gaps between teeth. It is also cost-effective to fix the gappy teeth, especially if they appear due to teeth shifting. 

7. Dentures 

If you have a slight gap between teeth, you must go for dentures, and it is quite a cheaper way to get gaps fixed. 

8. Surgery

To reduce oversized diastema, the dentist will perform a surgical process called a frenectomy. It is performed when the situation gets worse.  

What causes Gap between Front Teeth

What causes Gap between Front Teeth

1. Bad Habits 

Bad habits include thumb sucking, poor chewing, badly swallowing, tongue thrusting creates pressure around teeth that causes diastema.   

2. Baby Teeth 

In children, a diastema is normal, and gaps get filled as the child grows. If you notice that your kid has gaps in multiple teeth and not fixing even after growing all molars, you must visit a dentist.  

3. Bigger Frenum

The tissues that joint upper lips with gums are called labial frenum, and when this tissue gets larger can create gaps between teeth. 

4. Gum Disease 

Gum diseases provoke inflammation in teeth, and it can damage teeth’ health and causes gaps.  

5. Ageing

Ageing is also a common cause of diastema. As we grow old, our teeth start shifting or losing, which causes gaps between teeth. 

6. Large Jawbone 

The size of our jawbone is also responsible, and if somebody has tiny teeth and not according to the jawbone, it can create gaps between teeth. 

7. Missing tooth  

If somebody has missed a tooth due to various causes, it can provoke other teeth to create gaps between other teeth and cause diastema. 


The gum diseases must be cured in other treatment methods, including the scaling method to eliminate bacteria and tarter. 

Once you have healthy gums, the gappy teeth can be fixed easily. Otherwise, the problem can raise again.

The other treatments are dental implants, dental bridges, surgery, avoiding harmful habits, and traditional braces that can help treat diastema.  

How to Reduce gap between teeth Naturally at home

  • Brushing and flossing regularly twice a day using good quality toothpaste. 
  • Visiting dentist if you notice anything to teeth.
  • Improving the swallowing and chewing habits. 
  • Take care of your dental hygiene and brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Use mouthwash for cleaning your tongue and brushing your gums too because these parts are prone to bacterial growth.
  • Do flossing as this will help in removing food particles from between the teeth and prevent gum disease which is caused by plaque build up on the gums.
  • Reduce these gaps naturally at home by taking vitamin C supplements. The Vitamin C helps to prevent cavities and also keeps gums healthy and strong.
  • Drink plenty of water daily because this will help keep your mouth clean and hydrated which in turn helps remove bacteria and other debris from your mouth.
  • Getting a professional dental cleaning every six months or once every year depending on how often you floss or brush your teeth.
  • Notice the children and say no to thumb sucking.  

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Gap Between Front Teeth Astrology

We all love perfectly lined teeth as they look gorgeous when we smile. According to astrology, a person can be lucky in a sense with the gap between teeth. 

If you have a small gap between upper teeth to unfold the tongue slightly between them, you must consider yourself lucky. 

The astrologers believe that such a person never gets afraid of responsibilities and much intelligent and adds a sense of humour. They are hard workers and good leaders with qualities and a little talkative and can decorate a social meeting like a pro. 

So next time when you meet a person with gaps between teeth, you must praise him and tell him about these qualities. 

In Closing

If you don’t like the gaps and want to treat diastema, you must consult a dental surgeon with high expertise in his job. You must take a look at your budget and choose a treatment way according to that. 

Some people enjoy their teeth gaps as they take what is expected and think they look different from others, and astrology is also in their favour.  

We hope this information will be helpful for you and if you ever met such a person or you have gaps between your teeth, don’t worry, you can still smile and stay happy. 

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