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What is St john’s Wort? 11 St john’s Wort Benefits and Side Effects

What are the St john’s wort benefits and side effects? St. John’s wort, also known as Hypericum Perforatum, is a flower that appears yellow with five petals and is highly effective in treating depression and mood issues. 

This flowering plant has multiple health benefits over the human body and has been used as a super home remedy from ancient times. Moreover, the ancient Greek people agreed to the secret power of St. John’s wort. 

The name can be funny as people aren’t friendly about that, but the results aren’t a joke. 

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What is St. John’s Wort?

The plant has several species available to prepare capsules, oils, teas, extracts, etc. 

Mostly, it is found in America, Canada, and Europe, and in today’s time, many pharmaceutical companies are interested in making herbs and earning in dollars. 

Let’s check out  St john’s Wort Benefits and Side Effects and many more. 

St john’s Wort Benefits and Side Effects

St john's Wort Benefits

1. Acts an Antidepressant  

The studies believed that St. John Wort effectively manages mild to moderate stress and anxiety, including antidepressant compounds. 

Only an expert with high knowledge of this plant can prescribe the dosage to cure depression and anxiety. 

The studies showed that consuming this flower increases the level of serotonin and dopamine, makes you feel better, recuses stress hormones, and calms up brain functioning.  

2. Reduce PMS signs 

Except with antidepressant quality, St. John Wort is far better than a placebo to cure PMS symptoms, adding stress, hormonal imbalance, and mood swings. 

A study was conducted on women diagnosed with PMS during their menstrual cycle prescribed with St. John Wort tabs with 900 milligrams dosage of one day, and the result was quite positive with fewer cramps and less pain without any mood swings.   

3. Improve Mood Disorders during Menopause  

John Wort can cure behavioral and mental health, especially depression and anxiety that women face during their menopause period. 

There are many studies on st john’s wort for menopause. During a research, women ages 45-65 were prescribed St. John Wort tablets thrice a day, and a self-designed rating scale evaluated the results after 12 weeks. More than 76% of menopausal suffering got diminished, and sexual interest increased that women lost during menopause.   

4. Relieve Skin Disorders 

John Wort has been using it as a remedy to treat skin disorders for thousands of years due to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. 

The paste or extract of this flower can be applied over the skin, and it relieves eczema and psoriasis. It rapidly treats burns and scars and heals them magically, and provokes skin cells to repair themselves and improve blood circulation as well.    

5. Improve OCD

Thousands of people suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder as they can’t control their emotions and thoughts. It’s a kind of debilitating condition for a person that must be diagnosed on time. 

After prescribing St. John wort tablets, the experts noticed a clinically positive impact and suggested recommending it rather than another placebo.     

6. Prevent Cancer 

A unique component has been found in St. John Wort during a study capable of curing nonmelanoma and melanoma and acts as a defender by stopping cancer or tumor growth in the body. 

More studies and researchers are still investigating cancer, but yes, there is hope for the future.  

7. Good for the Immune System 

John Wort has antioxidants with needed compounds that your immune system requires the most. It also fixes the damage done by free radicals causes weak immunity and poor body functioning. 

Antioxidants make the immune system strong so that the body can fight diseases and infections. 

Taking it regularly as a supplement can boost immunity and help with unwanted mental troubles.   

8. Treat Migraine 

Migraine is a common and bothering problem as it disturbs your whole routine. The pain, uneasiness, nausea can last for a few days.

Luckily, this natural remedy is helpful to treat migraine symptoms naturally.  

9. Maintain Hormones Level 

People who have thyroid or women with hormonal imbalance can take St. John. Wort in the form of a supplement to help you relieve the symptoms. 

The experts also believe that consuming hormonal medicines has many side effects, so adding this natural remedy can be better.  

10. Relieve Labor Pain

Labor pain is very painful, though we recommend taking an oral supplement. That’s why women who want to ease the labor pain must switch to St. John Wort’s paste or salve that can be easily prepared by contacting an expert.  

11. Anti-inflammatory   

John Wort has antioxidants; as we mentioned before, it has anti-inflammatory components that ease up joint pain and inflammation and muscle pain. 

It stimulates blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and is good for cardiac health.   

St john’s Wort Side Effects

Some of the side effects of St John’s Wort include:

  • It can make your skin much sensitive 
  • Affects fertility 
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Upset stomach and headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors
  • Changes in mood, including feelings of happiness, euphoria, or irritability.
  • Anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Weight gain
  • Aggression or hostility.

St john’s wort Dosage and How to use

One can obtain St. John Wort from any local store in different forms, adding tablets, tinctures, capsules, teas, oil-based lotions, etc. You must need an expert who can recommend the appropriate dosage and use it. 

For children:

One can use the plant’s benefits to treat mild depression and stomach-related issues in children by consulting an expert.

For adults:

  • In capsule form, 300 milligrams dosage is recommended a day thrice. 
  • To treat severe depression, take 900 milligrams thrice a day for 8-12 weeks.   
  • Treating eczema and psoriasis, use ointment of St. John Wort twice a day. 
  • Add St. John, Wort in petroleum jelly for healing wounds, burns, and scars, and apply for a few days. 
  • For treating menstrual issues, take 300-700 milligrams as a supplement twice a day and for menopause, take 300mg once a day. 
  • If you are pregnant or lactation period, then avoid it. 
  • For OCD, take 450-900mg once a day for 12 weeks, and to reduce inflammation take 300-900mg twice a day.   

Q. Does st john’s wort cause weight gain?

Ans- Most antidepressant cause weight gain as a side effect. since st john’s wort act as a antidepressant can cause weight gain as a side effects.

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In Closing

If you ever consumed St. John Wort and are aware of its usage and benefits if yes, then please share your experience with us. 

If you have any suggestions regarding this topic on st john’s wort benefits and side effects, please let us know, and we hope this article will be informative. 

If you don’t get this near your home, you can buy it online from a reputed site. Please stay connected with us for more information like that.  

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