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How to Stop Someone from Snoring Immediately

Looking for how to stop someone from snoring immediately? how do you feel if anyone has ever made fun of you that you snore too much while sleeping? You will try to deny at first; it happens unconsciously without making you feel so. But certainly, it is an awkward moment for you if you have to face this type of complaint every morning.

So isn’t it better to find out some solution before the situation becomes worse to stand? Yes, sure, that’s perhaps the only way to prevent snoring problems

But before you go to consult a doctor for snoring solutions, we would like to state a few home remedies that can help you come out of the problem naturally.

These snoring home remedies are easy to follow without causing much expense. Before writing about how to stop someone from snoring immediately, let us discuss a few necessary points about snoring and its cause-

What is Snoring

Snoring meaning: Snoring is typically loud and harsh when a person breathes at sleeping time. It is assumed that the lack of enough free air passage does not allow the air to pass freely. Due to this, the respiratory system vibrates, and a loud sound comes out of the mouth or nostril, which we call snoring.

So, in brief, we can say that anyone can experience snoring when the air we breathe through the mouth and Nose get any physical obstruction.

Why Do People Snore?

Why do people snore? However, there are different types of the snorer. Some are habitual snorer; some are occasional. There are also a large number of segments that do not snore at all.

To find out a suitable answer, we can say that snoring happens in specific physical condition when an individual has-

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
  • Obesity.
  • Any structural defect in Nose and throat.
  • Enlarged tonsil.
  • Deficiency of sleep.
  • Upper respiratory infection.

So, if a person has any of the condition mentioned above, he/she will snore. Though snoring is not a disease, it could be an indication of severe health issues. In the case of the habitual snorer, they must seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

What Causes Snoring

Snoring is caused when the palatine Uvula and soft palate tissues inside the mouth become too much relaxed and block the air passage. As a result, airflow becomes irregular, and vibration occurs. Let us check the condition when airflow can be obstructed.

 1. If there is Any Barrier in the Nasal Air Path

The air we breathe in with the mouth or nostril has to go through the nasal cavity and respiratory tube to reach the lungs. So if any obstruction blocks that air path, people snore. This can occasionally happen during season changes and sinus infection when a temporary hurdle blocks the air passage. In some cases, the formation of polyps inside the nasal cavity causes obstruction.

2. Loose muscle of Uvula and soft Palate

Snoring occurs in the upper throat muscles, and the soft palate becomes too loose to block the air passage. This condition happens when a person consumes alcohol in excess, ingests sleeping pills or deep sleep. All the muscles get relaxed, obstruct the easy airflow.

3. Fatty throat Tissue

Snoring happens in the case of children with large tonsils and adenoids or adults with excess weight who have fat tissue around the throat.

4. Sleeping in the wrong posture

Such as in the back position when the tongue drops back of the mouth and block the passage.

5. The weakening of throat muscles 

That causes the throat to close while sleeping.

How to Stop Someone from Snoring immediately

Snoring is simply awful, not only for others but also for the snorer. It creates a nuisance in the sleeping pattern by breaking the sleeping cycle. Due to the disruption of sleep quality, it makes the snorer feel sleepy and exhausted during the daytime.

Lack of concentration, throat pain, and increased blood pressure are some side effects that a habitual snorer can experience. The severe cause of snoring, such as obstructive sleep apnea or OSA, needs medical treatment immediately, whereas mild cases or occasional snoring can be cured at home by following some strategies in daily life and by making necessary changes.

Natural Remedies Regarding Sleeping Pattern and Style

 1). Try to Change your Sleeping Posture

A bad posture may invite snoring as it obstructs the natural air passage. So if you have a snoring problem, try to keep your head in a little higher position than the rest of your body.

This type of sleeping posture can help you breathe easier, and your tongue and lower jaw muscle can move forward while sleeping.

2). Don’t Sleep on your Back

The habit of sleeping on the Back is not comfortable for a person who has a snoring habit. Instead, try to sleep on your side, which will encourage easy breathing.

3). You can Attach an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Many stop snoring devices work like a mouth guard (snore guard) to help your lower jaw and tongue muscles in the right position. So to stop snoring naturally, you can use such devices.

 4). Always keep your Nose Clean

Don’t go to bed with a closed stuffy nose. Use lukewarm saline water to clear the nasal cavity. A warm vapour of any nasal decongestant or nasal drop can be helpful to clear your Nose.

5). Keep the Room Moist

Excessive dry air may contribute to snoring. So try to maintain a minimum moisture level in your room.

6). Change the Used Pillow

Dust and allergens can cause breathing problem and snore. So to change your pillow is one of the vital steps to stop snoring naturally. Also, keep your ceiling fan dust-free to avoid dust allergies, which is another cause of snoring.

7). Changes in Lifestyle to Stop Snoring Naturally

As we have mentioned, overweight is another cause of snoring, so if you want to get rid of snoring naturally, you must concentrate on your diet plan to lose few calories.

People who take fat and excess oil tend to deposit fat tissues around the neck and throat. This makes the air passage narrow, and snoring occurs during sleeping. So,

  • Include some fibrous food.
  • Take food and vegetables.
  • Limit red meat.
  • Take brown rice and brown bread.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Eat adequate water to keep yourself hydrated.

8). Try to Quit Smoking

The smoker has a high chance to snore at bedtime. The membrane of the throat and Nose get irritated by the smoke, which causes inflammation and swelling. As a result, it obstructs the nasal air passage. So if you are a smoker, try to quit your smoking habit to get rid of snore.

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9). No Alcohol at Bedtime

Our throat and jaw muscles get relaxed on consuming alcohol and create a barrier in the natural airflow during breathing. So try to avoid alcohol or any seductive or sleeping pills before you go to bed.

10). Do Exercise Daily

Exercise for the sake of stopping snoring is highly effective. Routine practice helps our body muscles to get toned and burn the fat cell. So it cannot get deposited around the throat and neck.

This strategy can help you stop snoring as we can manage our body weight which is a cause to snore. Thus our tongue and upper jaw will never collapse with each other, and in this way, the chance of snoring will reduce.

Practice Some Anti-Snoring Exercises

1. Tongue Extension Exercise

If you perform the tongue is extending exercise, your tongue muscle will get strengthen and the chance of collapsing during sleeping reduced to a great extent. To do this easy exercise, just put your tongue out of the mouth straight and move sidewise up to the corner of the mouth. Do the same in an upward and downward direction for 15 second daily.

2. Jaw Exercise

Same as tongue exercise, jaw exercise will make your jaw muscles strong enough. Just move your jaw in an upward and downward direction without any food. Open your mouth as you bite a big apple and hold in the position for 10 seconds.

3. Exercise For Throat

We have to curl our tongue and move our throat while pronouncing letters. To pronounce the vowel sounds (A, E, I, O, U) loudly. You can also sing loudly, which will help to control muscles in the soft palate and throat. This will reduce snoring caused by the loose muscles.

In Closing

Therefore, we hope how to stop someone from snoring that will be helpful enough for you. As snoring is not only creating problems for you, it is equally disturbing people nearby.

Snoring may also indicate that you are developing sleep apnea or a nasal polyp. So the matter should be treated carefully from the beginning.

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