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How to Treat Neck Pain Superfast

If you have neck pain it’s likely to put a dampener on your whole day. This is because neck pain can affect how you hold your head and everything you do. Most neck pain can be treated easily.

In some cases, it is caused by your sleeping position. However, there are often other causes that require treatment. This article takes a look at how you can treat your neck pain so you start to feel more comfortable.

1. Medication:

If your neck pain has lasted more than a few days you should speak to your doctor. In the meantime, you might want to take some medication.

Over-the-counter medication might take away some if not all of your pain. Please make sure you always take the medication as instructed. If your over-the-counter medication is not working sufficiently, or at all, please speak to your doctor.

They might prescribe you stronger medication and suggest that you have treatment for your pain.

2. Physical Therapy:

Your doctor might refer you to a physical therapist who can help you work on your posture. Alternatively, you might consider seeing a chiropractor who can provide pain relief by manipulating your joints.

You will need more than one physical therapy or chiropractic appointment as the treatment is on-going. However, they can make a real difference.

3. Hot and Cold Treatment:

Some people are happy to use either hot or cold treatments for their pain and swelling. However, you can use alternate heat and cold. Firstly, use some ice cubes wrapped in a towel to help you reduce the inflammation.

Alternatively, an ice pack can work just as well. Make sure you keep the cold treatment there for no longer than 20 minutes. Any longer than this and you could damage your skin and nerves.

Next, use a heat pad or take a warm shower as it will help you to relax while relieving the pain.

If you wish to use a heating pad, please make sure you don’t burn your skin. Use the heat pad on a low setting, to begin with so you can gauge how hot it is.

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4. Exercises:

As soon as your neck has started to feel a little better you should consider exercising it. Start by doing gentle stretching exercises. Try not to force your neck into a position that causes you pain or discomfort. You could potentially make your pain worse.

To begin with, warm up your neck using a heat pad. Alternatively, you could warm it up in the bath or shower. Once your neck muscles are warmer tilt it back slightly and rotate it.

Please be careful when you do this as you could make the pain worse. Be gentle and take your time.

Having neck pain is never pleasant, however, you can have pain relief. Use the above tips to help you recover from the pain.

If your pain becomes worse or it does not improve please see your doctor as soon as you can.

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