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What Causes Yellow and Stained Teeth in Teens and Adults?

Did you know what causes yellow teeth in teens and adults? Shiny white and stain-free teeth always look attractive, and when it comes to your smile, you must be careful about your eating habits. Some of your bad habits of drinking, smoking and eating particular products can spoil the beauty of your teeth and give ugly, stubborn stains. 

Regular brushing and flossing are good enough for healthy teeth, and if you regularly have an appointment with your dentist, you may prevent your teeth from any disorder. You may have no idea your regular eating routine has been staining your teeth, and soon you will realize this.

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  2. How to Prevent Tooth Staining

What Causes Yellow Teeth in Teenager and Adults

Here we will discuss causes of yellow teeth in teenager, how you can prevent it, and many more things, so read the article with proper attention and naturally save your enamel. 

1. Consuming Teeth-Staining Beverages

Tea coffee

Tea and coffee are both the most loved beverages that people love to have several times a day. If you are also a coffee-lover, you must know that coffee contains a strong dark component named chromogens, which sticks on the teeth and weakens the enamel. 

With that, red wine is also a popular beverage and one of the top teeth-staining drinks. Black tea can also be harmful to your pearly teeth and provide pigmentation and stains on your teeth. 

We would recommend adding some milk to tea and coffee. If you didn’t quit them, it would reduce the harmful effects. Also, reduce the consumption of red wine or eat something healthy with it.       

2. Eating Colored Foods

 Eating Colored Foods

Eating particular foods that are brighter in color like beets, berries, pomegranate, tomato sauce, or salad that contains balsamic vinegar and intense pigments are also teeth-staining items. 

The curries with soy sauce tomato sauce can spoil your teeth’ whiteness because they are high in acidity and add intense colors that attack the protected layer on your teeth.     

3. Having Acidic Drinks

 Acidic Drinks

Acidic drinks like sodas, cold drinks, and energy drinks contain a lot of sugar pigment and intense color that can soften the teeth’ outer layer and make them weak. 

Drinking acidic drinks for a long time can permanently destroy the natural beauty and health of the teeth, so try to avoid such beverages if you want to prevent discoloration of the teeth in the future. 

4. Lack of Drinking Water

 Lack of Drinking Water

Drinking enough water in a day is a good habit, and lack of drinking water can be a negative point for teeth. The food you eat and chew remains stuck in your teeth, and if you don’t drink water, it can appear in a cavity form. 

Water with fluoride protects natural enamel and reduces cavities. If fluoride water is not available, drink simple water to minimize cavity and pigmentation, and it will also keep your mouth hydrated.    

5. Smoking


Now we all know smoking or hookah is very dangerous for oral and dental health. Many people have gum and mouth problems due to chewing Tabacco and smoking. 

You can notice black and brown spots in chain smokers because it includes nicotine, a hazardous component for teeth.   

6. Inappropriate Hygiene

Not brushing correctly and lack of flossing also play a vital role in spoiling teeth’ health and cause staining and pigmentation. No matter what you are eating, if you maintain good teeth hygiene, you can prevent many gum troubles.  

Dentists suggest brushing twice a day, especially before sleeping and do flossing at least once a day.   

7. Not Having Regular Checkups

Having Regular Checkups

Most people avoid seeing a dentist, and the reason is apparent we never like those little devil machines that make noise in our mouth, and the odor is also weird, but we recommend that you go for a regular checkup’s sake of your teeth.  

A dentist can suggest easy and simple ways to protect teeth before it’s getting too late, so don’t deny the appointment. 

8. Keeping Drinks in the Mouth

Now, this is also a bad habit, and people enjoy this lot. Holding any drink or food longer in the mouth can cause harmful effects and cause staining. You stay aware while drinking or eating something, and using a straw while having any beverage like coffee, soda, or juice can reduce the risk. 

Sipping your drink can lessen the contact of any beverage with enamel, protect your teeth, and limit discoloring and pigmentation, and after some time, it becomes a good habit. 

9. Eating Sweet things


Everybody always carves sweets, and we all love chocolates, candies, hard toffees, and popsicles are stick badly in teeth and can cause cavities and staining.  

Don’t chew them for a long time, and if something is stuck in your teeth, drink some water or use a toothpick and kick them out. 

How to Prevent Tooth Staining

  • Brush and floss regularly is the number one way to prevent tooth staining
  • Always swish after drinking acidic beverages or eating foods. 
  • Choose good quality toothpaste for your teeth. If you have sensitive gums, you must choose the toothpaste accordingly. 
  • Make sure your toothbrush is clean and sanitized regularly – this will help to prevent tooth staining.
  • Eat green vegetables chewing sugar-free gum would also help. 
  • Always use a straw and quickly swallow your drinks instead of holding them in your mouth.  
  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy by eating a balanced diet and getting regular dental checkups.
  • Avoid sugary drinks and foods that contain high levels of sugar. These items will cause tooth decay and staining.

Q. Do straws prevent tooth staining?

Ans- Yes, straws prevent tooth staining. With sugary or brightly colored beverages, using a straw can help limit the amount of stains they leave on your teeth The suction created by a straw doesn’t actually reach the area around the teeth and therefore can’t do anything to clean them.


  • Brush and floss properly and change your brush after two months and maintain proper dental hygiene. 
  • Drink plenty of water. It will maintain the Ph level of your mouth and clean the remaining food and prevent staining. 
  • Use a good quality mouthwash that should be alcohol-free. It will kill the bacteria in the mouth that causes cavity and plaque. 


Never skip an appointment with your dentist, especially if you have any teeth disorder. 

Avoid hard things that are difficult to chew or easily stick in teeth. 

In Closing

A perfect smile always becomes more impressive when you own healthy white teeth, but in today’s life, people have no time. 

Teeth are one of the most vital parts of our body, and if you take care of them, they will never leave you till the end. 

We hope this information on what causes yellow teeth in teens and adults would be worth for you and you will start care of your teeth from today. Stay healthy and feel good, and stay connected with us for more articles like that.  

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