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How to Calm a Fussy Baby at Night By Massaging These 7 Points

Did you know how to calm a fussy baby at night? A crying baby can be like a nightmare, especially for the new parents, and they have no idea how to calm down a fussy baby, and they suffer the whole night. 

Fussiness is quite typical in babies at night, and it can give you intense stress if you don’t know several techniques, or we can say massaging points that can provide instant relief to a fussy baby. 

Massaging the feet, also called reflexology that affects those joined with various body parts and massaging them can calm down a baby and regulate blood flow. 

If your baby is less than 3, the massaging can be simpler as the feet are still softer and oval, and a few minutes of massage can help you out.

How to Calm a Fussy Baby at Night

How to Calm down a Fussy Baby at Night

Here we are mentioning 7 massaging points and the other ways that can calm down a crying baby instantly so let’s have a look at that:

1. Head & Teeth 

Babies who are at their teething age become more fussy and frustrated. It would help if you massaged your toes’ tips to calm them down using olive oil or coconut oil with gentle hands. 

Even if your baby is sleeping, a soft massage can provide enough relief in their pain and discomfort. 

2. Chest 

Chest congestion and cough are common in small babies, and massaging the pads area of the feet below the toes can relieve chest congestion and coughing. But in that case, you can’t depend on massaging as consulting a doctor is also essential. 

Massage the area in the circular motion for a while to reduce the discomfort.    

3. Lower Abdomen 

The middle area of the feet is linked with the lower abdomen, and if your baby is upset with gas or acidity or pain in the lower abdomen, then massaging this area can calm him down.  

4. Sinus 

Sinus pain can also bother your baby a lot, and you’ll never know it. The toes’ centre points are linked with sinus pain and cold symptoms, and you must massage gently in a circular motion to reduce the discomfort.  

5. Solar Plexus 

If your baby is feeling fussy due to tummy tightness and bloating or spasms, then you must massage in the centre point just below the footpads, and a few minutes of massage can generate the magic results. 

6. Pelvis 

The experts believe that a growing baby can feel discomfort and tightness to the hips area and pelvis. The feet’ heel area is linked with these problems, and massaging this area can relieve the abdomen, pelvis, and hips.  

7. Upper Abdomen

If your baby struggles with constipation, indigestion, or heartburn, then massaging in the middle of the feet and pads can reduce all these troubles and help your baby for uninterrupted sleep.   

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Other ways to Calm Down a Crying Baby at Night

Don’t be afraid to accept different methods that can help you and your baby. You can explore other things to calm your little one.

1. Make some sound

Making some sound like singing a lullaby or whistling or anything else that your baby may like can divert his mind can calm down a fussy baby instantly. 

2. Walking can Help

A rhythm walking can also be useful if your baby is crying, and you have to do experiments with that as it relies on baby-to baby.  

3. Give Warm Touches 

Touching softly or rubbing his back gently can also do magic with a fussy baby. It is a very basic method that can ease up the fussiness and increase your bonding too. 

4. Bathing Time

Some experts also advise for a bath that can become a great distraction from fussiness, and the baby will feel good and clean. 

5. Change Breastfeeding Positions 

Breastfeeding in a single position can also make him frustrated, so you must change the position that can be suitable for you and the baby as well. 

6. Cycle their Legs 

If your baby has constipation or excess gas in the stomach, then hold his legs and move like a bicycle, reducing the trouble.  

7. Change their Posture 

Many experts also suggest that you lie down your baby on their stomach so they can release excess bloating and feel better.  

8. Make a Change in your Diet

The breastfeeding moms must take care of their eating and avoid such food that produces acidity and gas. Eat more veggies and fruits and take a nutrition diet. 

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Why is my Baby Fussy?

1. Hunger 

Hunger is the primary reason that can make your little one fussy. Their tiny stomach becomes empty soon by passing stool or urine, so they need enough milk or something that can feed them.  

2. Gas 

Excess production of gas and acidity can also make them cry, and you can check this out by checking the stomach if it feels tight means the baby feeling gassy.  

3. Tiredness 

The overtired baby can also bother you if the little one couldn’t sleep the whole day or missed his nap. 

4. Pain 

Sometimes you can’t identify that baby may feel pain in certain areas like in the stomach, ears, or sinus pain. So consulting a doctor may be a good idea. 

5. Congestion

Cold symptoms like chest congestion or blocked nostrils are also responsible for the fussiness.   

6. Other things

Babies are very sensitive to noise, lights, TV, or teasing them, so you must notice well what is bothering them and try to reduce the overstimulation that can calm up the baby. 

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In Closing

If your baby is too much fussy, it can ruin your whole next day so try to find out the better way to calm him down. If you are leaving without an experienced person that can understand the baby’s situation, then you’ll have to do it by yourself, or if your baby cries for more than 3 hours, you must consult an expert as soon as possible. 

We hope this information on how to calm a fussy baby at night would help you , please share your experience with us. 

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