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Face Mask for Coronavirus: What’s the Best Coronavirus Masks to Keep you Safe?

Face Mask for Coronavirus: Coronavirus threat has been increasing day by day and people are so worried about what should they do in this critical situation. Even WHO also announced this as a global risk and prescribed many preventions and precautions for coronavirus. 

Wearing a face mask is also a method added in the prevention list but is wearing a face mask can really help you out?

Pet owners are also putting the specially crafted masks for their pets. COVID-19 knocking in different countries and the ratio of sick people has been increasing rapidly. 

Well, in this article we will discuss some prior things about wearing a face mask for coronavirus and what type of mask you should choose for keeping you safe!

Can Face Mask Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak?

There are different types of masks available at a medical store all you need the knowledge which type of mask you should choose.

Many experts believe that only sick people who are suffering from flu cold coughing or viral infections must wear a mask so they can prevent others from getting infected.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has announced that washing your hands with soap or good quality hand wash and sanitizer is the best way of prevention from COVID-19.

Dr. William Schaffner, who is a specialist in infectious diseases, has said that, if you are wearing a mask or a scarf around your mouth and chin area you can protect yourself from the virus that is hovering in the air but these efforts never control the respiratory illness.   

CDC also recommended face mask against coronavirus for those people who have already facing COVID-19 or flu kind symptoms otherwise they can infect others easily.

If you are going in the crowd you must wear a face mask due to anyone can infect you by sneezing or coughing.

The experts revealed that skip the idea of going to crowded places. If there is an emergency then use a proper mask that can prevent the virus from entering you.

Also, do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or chin without washing your hands. Do shake hands with other people and avoid the street food for a while.      

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Will Surgical Mask Prevent Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has attacked more than 8 lakh people all over the world and the news channels, the experts, the scientists all are seriously talking about it and spreading awareness among common people.

Now the question is, a surgical mask can prevent coronavirus or not? And the answer is, yes it can prevent but not 100%. Now it feels contradictory because people are wearing masks as you can see everywhere without knowing an appropriate knowledge of that.

Wearing a regular surgical face mask would never help with coronavirus.

According to CDC, the regular surgical masks are loose fitted and only made to stop large droplets or body fluid and surgeons wear them while doing surgery or any medical condition.

These regular surgical masks never stop small air particles entering into your body. Some people are wearing surgical masks that are useless to stop coronavirus or any other virus.

People are using normal surgical masks for their infants and pets when they are out or traveling somewhere which is never going to work.          

The CDC advised that rather than putting a face mask on your pet’s face or infants stop going outside and avoid contact with sick people. Stay at your home and stay hygienic.

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Best Mask for Coronavirus:

Some experts claimed that people who don’t know how to use a mask and how to wear it properly mustn’t buy a mask.

However, people want to stay safe and they will do anything for prevention they should know to avoid normal surgical masks will never help nor other masks will help.

There is a specially developed mask called N-95 or SARs-CoV-2 that can protect against the coronavirus and control respiratory infection but still the experts and CDC both denying this for public use. Let’s know more why they are not recommending N-95 for the common public.

N-95 Mask for Coronavirus:

The CDC has advised that all types of surgical masks are effective for those people who are already fighting with a viral infection or COVId-19.

The N-95 masks are only made for health care workers as they have to face different kinds of infectious people in the emergency ward.

The N-95 mask fits very tight and makes you feel discomfort. Even special training has been provided to the workers so they can wear them.

The stuff of the N-95 mask is solid and quite thick and it can prevent small air particles with a 95% success ratio.         

This mask has only designed for professionals and a common person can’t wear this for a long time. 

Nowadays there has been a lot of shortage of these masks as general public unnecessarily buying this mask.

According to Dr. Schaffner, people are rushing for N-95 masks to get it from online or medical stores without knowing how to wear it or proper training. If you won’t wear it properly or again and again touch your nose or mouth or chin still the virus can enter the body even you are wearing a mask.

When you wear a respirator, you have to learn how to breathe in and out. You can’t exhale to the edges of the mask as the thick material can a headache after sometimes if you are not well-trained.

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Wearing an N-95 mask for a long time can make you feel burning sensation to the area that has been covered with the mask.        

Only wear this mask when you are going to the crowded area or among those people who are fighting with COVID-19.

According to the CDC, people who are taking care of sick people and infected people must wear an N-95 mask. The isolation room is quite a safe place so they can breathe there.

Noticeable Point:

Always dispose of the face mask whenever used. Do not throw it here and there or any public place. Also, disinfect the place you are living in and the households as well.     

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