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Warning: 9 Hidden Dangers of Drinking Cold Water

Dangers of drinking cold water: Drinking enough water in a single day is a well-known fact by everyone however we are hearing this phenomenon since our childhood days.

We must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water to stay healthy and hydrated especially in the summertime. Some people love to drink lukewarm water due to particular reasons and some only want ice-cold chilled water.  

There is nothing better than a chilled glass of water when you are sweating and feeling hot but you would be surprised to know that the temperature of drinking water directly affects your health and wellness and drinking chilled water is not a good idea at all.

Many studies reviewed drinking ice-cold or chilled water and the results were shocking. Water is the essential source to quench your thirst but there are some aspects that can turn this boon into a curse.

Dangers of Drinking Cold Water

Let’s check this article and find out 9 reasons why you shouldn’t drink chilled or cold water:

1. It Can Make You Fat:

Some people believe that drinking chilled water can help in fat-burn but unfortunately, this is not true.

Drinking chilled water can fat harder to burn and calories remain as it is or become more difficult to burn naturally or after the work out.

Even gym experts also suggest drinking lukewarm water after the workout. Try to avoid drinking cold water especially after the meal moreover you should wait for 20 to 30 minutes after the meal so it can digest or never appear into fatty components.  

2. Provoke Constipation:

Now this is the biggest health problem as well as one of the common stomach issues that triggered millions of people.

Yes, there are other reasons responsible for constipation but drinking chilled water is one of them and the reason is simple.

Whenever you drink cold water it disturbs the digestive system and make things harder and solidified so they can’t move easily and whenever you feel like ‘going’ your intestine produce contraction but still you feel constipation because you drank chilled water.

If you are already fighting with constipation or other stomach-related problems try to avoid drinking cold water.

Just drink normal water or lukewarm water especially in the morning time to break down constipation.    

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3. Slow Down the Rehydration Process:

Water keeps us hydrated that is necessary and required for our body. Some people think that drinking chilled water can speed up the rehydration process that is absolutely a false fact.

Our body works on a particular temperature that it maintains by itself and drinking cold water disturbs the natural process.

In exceptional cases like long-distance runners can drink as they have to slow down the rehydration process otherwise a common person must avoid drinking cold water.   

4. Affects Digestion Process:

Our body naturally absorbs all the needed nutrients and minerals from our food and when we drink cold water the natural process hinders. Now you can take this as a serious concern but this is true.

Drinking chilled water or chilled beverages like soda shakes, or cold drinks can contract the blood vessels and you may feel stomach pain, nausea, stomach discomfort, and bloating which means total digestion disturbed.

Whenever you eat food the digestive system directly starts its work of digestion and it has to maintain the proper body temperature for the proper process and drinking chilled water affects the normal temperature so your body has to work extra.  

5. Affects Heart rate:

When it comes to the heart you can’t avoid the fact and it becomes the other reason why you shouldn’t drink chilled water.

The studies have shown that drinking chilled water directly affects the vagus nerve that exists in the back neck area and slows down the heart rate.

Vagus nerve is a vital part of the nervous system and controls various functions in the human body. 

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6. Throat Discomfort:

It is natural to feel the running nose and sinuses blockage in the winters. And when you drink chilled water the same condition appears as your body has to generate extra mucus to ingest the cold effects that are called the natural humidifier process of the body.

When you drink chilled water the body unnecessarily starts its process and the result you feel sore throat or coughing due to extra mucus.   

7. Headaches:

Millions of people feel brain freezing after eating ice-cream or drinking any chilled beverage and drinking cold water can give you a strong headache. As chilled water affects the spine nerves linked with the brain.

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8. Lose Energy:

You may feel energetic and fresh after drinking chilled water but this is only a momentary feeling because the truth is when you drink cold water your body has to work more to maintain the body temperature.

When your body works extra you lose energy and after some time you feel lazy and lack of energy.

9. Imbalance the Body:

Drinking chilled water can imbalance the body and your body can’t absorb all the nutrients well.

The experts believe that drinking cold water just after the workout can be worse because your body is in a heating state and when you drink cold water instantly you can invite stomach pain, sore throat, headache, and many other troubles.


I have heard many times from my grandma drink lukewarm water whenever you live the bed maybe she is right. Drinking warm water has many benefits and it reverses all the cons of chilled water into pros.

You can also drink room temperature water which is not harmful but you must avoid chilled water. We know hot summery days can lead you through drinking chilled water but you must focus on your health.

You can have fresh fruits or fruit juices to get refreshment and coconut water will also work to provide a soothing and chill perception.

We hope the dangers of drinking cold water will be helpful for you and you will share it with your friends so they can also know about the information. Stay healthy and happy and share your experience and reviews with us and stay connected with us for more information like that.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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