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10 Activities to Avoid During Period Every Women Must Know!

What activities to avoid during period? Periods are never a pleasant experience for a woman, and they don’t affect our daily life but sometimes ruin everyday things. The full-body faces the waves of emotions and mood swings, and those cramps and pain feel very annoying. Sometimes you may feel happy, and the next moment you cry to nothing. 

Though there are some casual dos and don’ts during the menstrual cycle, still you have no idea that certain things you must strictly avoid just for the sake of your health and wellness. 

The hormonal changes during periods of before periods like breast tenderness, pelvic pain, heaviness in the body, and backache can vary woman to woman.  

In this Article

Activities to Avoid During Period

Here we are listing ten things that no woman should do on her periods let’s check out the following points:

1. Avoid Salty Items

Activities to Avoid During Period

Periods have their carvings that most ladies never want to avoid, but you must know that eating salty food can worsen the period cramps and make you uneasy and uncomforted.

Salty food, especially fried snacks like French fries or fritters and chips or wafers, can be a primary reason for acidity and bloating. The studies are also agreed that these types of snacks make the body dehydrated, which causes increased period cramps and pain in the stomach. 

If you feel much pain or cramps during the periods, you must take a look at your diet, especially during the periods.    

2. Say No to Dairy Products

Activities to Avoid During Period

Who can say no to a bowl of Mac and cheese or sometimes you may feel carving of drinking hot milk with some chocolate, but you must say no to these when you are flooding down. 

Eating dairy products or drinking-related beverages like that, especially during periods, can make you much bloated and gassy. No matter you have the tolerance to lactose or not, the main point is related to your hormones. 

If you want to reduce the cramps or pain due to periods, you must avoid all the dairy products, mainly when aunt Flo is there for 5-7 days.    

3. Avoid Waxing

Waxing and bleaching like activities to avoid during period. The estrogen hormone hits the peak during the menstrual cycle, that means your body is more sensitive than regular days. 

The experts suggest that women should avoid waxing or shaving or such activities like tooth extraction while they have their periods due to such things that can hurt them more than usual days.  

4. Unprotected Intercourse 

Is it safe to have sex during period? Most people avoid sex during the periods as it is a messy business, but some are okay with that. If you also okay with intercourse during periods and love romping when Aunt Flo is there, you should always use protection. 

Furthermore, the cervix is a little extended during the periods, and the blood can be a rapid carrier for bacteria or viruses to enter the body.

It can give you severe diseases, and you have no idea that you have invited the demon while having a great time with your partner. 

Moreover, if you have irregular periods, unprotected s*x can make you pregnant and cause ovulation and periods at the same time.      

5. Miss the Workout

Skipping a workout is the common task during periods as you are feeling uneasy sad or not good, but the studies have revealed something else. 

Doing light exercise can be beneficial during periods and reduces anxiety and improve your mood. Various activities can be helpful to ease up period pain and cramps.  

6. Don’t Wear a Tampon or Pad for a Long time

How long can you keep a period pad on? It never matters you are using a tampon or a sanitary pad for the periods, but it is essential that don’t wear them for a long time, not more than 4 to 5 hours. 

Wearing a tampon or sanitary pad for a long time can be a massive hub for bacteria growth or skin rashes, and if you have a sensitive skin tone, you must take care a little more. 

7. Avoid Caffeine and Smoking

Activities to Avoid During Period

Should you avoid caffeine when on your period? We all love our morning tea and coffee, and we are addicted and never want to miss any day, but the health experts are not agree with that, especially when you are flowing down. 

Caffeine and cigarette smoking can be harmful while having a menstrual cycle, and they can worsen the period’s cramp and pain, and these facts are decided by various studies done on women.   

8. Don’t Avoid Meals 

You may feel food carvings during periods, but sometimes you can hate eating due to hormonal changes. It would help if you didn’t skip the meal as your body has been already fragile with a lack of energy, and eating small meals can provide such power and helpful in mood swings. 

9. Change the Mood

Just lying down to the bed and thinking about the pain can enhance the problem. Try to be a little active or reading some books or listening to music can help you out. 

10. Sleep on Time 

Activities to Avoid During Period

If you aren’t feeling sleepy during the periods and just staring at the screen or doing something silly to avoid sleep, then you mustn’t do that.

Waking at night for too long can provoke the stress hormone called cortisol and make your periods worst than your imagination.  

What to Do on a Period

Drink plenty of water that will keep you hydrated and also help with mood swings.

If you feel pain or cramps, you can take a hot compress or massage gently to the abdomen and on the back area. 

Maintain proper hygiene but avoid vaginal wash. 

Do light workout for proper blood flow and aerobic exercises can also worthwhile. 

Avoid chill water and cold drinks. 

Final words

Periods are natural phenomena for a woman, and every month you have to face it. Following some simple tips can easier the menstrual cycle, and you won’t take them as a nightmare. 

Moreover, if you feel excess pain or anything wrong, then you must consult a gynaecologist. We hope this article on activities to avoid during period would be beneficial for you, so please share this information and also your experience.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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