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9 Most Dangerous Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

9 Most Dangerous Foods to Avoid with Diabetes: Diabetes mellitus or diabetes became one of the most common diseases nowadays. It is a kind of metabolic illness that makes you face excess amounts of glucose in your bloodstream. Insulin resistance and lack of insulin are two leading factors that cause high blood sugar level. You often suffer from problems of weight loss, frequent urination, excessive hunger, extreme thirst, itchy or dry skin, lack of energy, blurred version, numbness or tingling in the feet or hands, and many others.

In such a case, you can easily control and maintain the level of blood sugar by having a well-planned diet.

Because it is the only diet that plays a significant role in order to control diabetes. You should avoid a large number of foods as only limited foods are good for a diabetic. Here are some dangerous foods to avoid with diabetes patients strictly.

9 Most Dangerous Foods to Avoid with Diabetes:

1. Fruit Juices:

Whole fruits are quite good for diabetic patients as they are highly packed with carbohydrates and fibers. But, in case of drinking fruit juice, things are entirely different as it worse the condition to a great extent.

If you are a diabetic patient and still you prefer to have fruit juice, it enhances your blood sugar level because of the high amount of fruit sugar in it. As a result, you can face the critical conditions.

According to the study, you are more likely (18 %) to have increased risk of occurring type 2 diabetes if you go for daily intake of fruit juice. It can be much fruitful for you if you have the problem of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level.

So, just keep drinking water and you can add some lemon to it if you wish or want something different.

2. Potatoes:

People suffering from diabetes often have the bad experience when they consume potatoes on their daily basis. Potatoes carry a component called starch. Starch is made up of a long chain of glucose compounds that enters your body and split up hastily in your intestine.

Consequently, the bloodstream absorbs it and leads you to have a sudden spike in the blood glucose levels. You do not need to cut down the number of potatoes from your meals.

You can eat it along with other green leafy vegetables. This practice makes them digest easily and would not let you suffer from such miserable issues.

3. White Rice:

Diabetic patients who eat white rice are at higher risk of increasing in the diabetes level by 27 percent. They suffer from ill conditions in compared to those eating whole grain products. White rice is a dangerous food for diabetic patients because it has lack of fibers and loaded with low-quality carbohydrates.

The white rice digests rapidly and shoots up the level of blood glucose in your body. Therefore, it creates a critical situation that is not good for diabetic patient at all.

Moreover, if you are a rice lover and cannot stay away from eating them, you can consume brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice does not affect you badly and delivers you numerous health benefits.

4. Whole Milk:

Foods such full-fat dairy products and whole milk are listed in elements that a diabetic patient should be avoided. These types of food are highly packed with saturated fats.

Thus, it enhances insulin resistance and leads you to suffer from a variety of discomfort. Saturated fats create a friendly environment for many health-related issues such as promotes the risk of heart diseases, raise the level of bad cholesterol, and many others.

Thus, you should strictly stay far from butter, ice-creams, cream cheese, full-fat yogurt. You can have skimmed or low-fat milk and non-fat products instead.

5. White Bread:

The most simple and straightforward way to control diabetes is having a well-planned diet. Diabetic patients should be extremely careful about what they eat and drink. One of the five most dangerous foods for people having diabetes is refined starch.

Refined starch is present in all the foods that are made from white flour such as white flour pasta, white bread, etc. It allows lots of discomforts to take place as it makes a great rise in blood sugar levels because of the high glycemic index in these refined carbohydrates.

To escape from such harmful effects, you can consume barn cereals and whole grains such as oatmeal that has an efficient amount of fiber in it. Such carbohydrate complex requires time to digest and thus, makes the steady increment in blood sugar.

6. Fat Cuts of Meat:

Fat cut meat is known as red meat. A diabetic patient invites lots of dangerous situations for him if he eats red meat that involves lamb, beef, and pork.

Red meat is entirely full of unhealthy saturated fat that enhances the risk of heart-related problems and promotes inflammation.

People often suffer from inflammation in diabetes and eating red meat makes the condition worse. You can replace the red meat by turkey, chicken, white meat, lean cuts of pork and beef. Also, you can prefer eating fish to control your diabetes.

7. French Fries:

French fries, as well as chicken nuggets, are known as greasy and deep-fried foods. You should avoid these foods at any cost if you really want to prevent the problem of diabetes. These foods soak the high amount of oil and make you store excess weight gain.

They are prepared with carb-rich and starchy ingredients that lead to the sudden spike in the blood glucose level. Also, such foods can cause the issue of developing coronary artery diseases because they are made using the hydrogenated oil that contains harmful trans-fats compounds.

You can have nuts, vegetable sticks, crackers, and flaxseed cookies as well.

8. Raisins:

It is also another food that should not be eaten while suffering from diabetes. However, these delicious foods carry a lot of essential nutrients such as vitamin components, fibers, and antioxidants that make you get rid of oxidative stress to excellent stress.

These foods are good for a diabetic patient but it raises the level of blood glucose that is not a favorable thing for them. The natural sugar present in the fruits become more concentrated during the process of dehydration. As a result, consuming them helps in elevating blood glucose level.

Hence, it is an ideal solution to lessen the intake of raisins. Also, you should stick to whole grains that supply ample amount of fibers to your body and provide sufficient of mineral and vitamins.

9. Artificial Sweeteners:

A majority of the people that are suffering from diabetes think that artificial sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, neotame, etc.) are safe ingredients for them. But, they are the worst foods for diabetic patients in reality.

Such kind of products harms your body than any other supplement as it lessens the sensitivity of insulin and badly affects your blood glucose level. In added to, it restricts the process of metabolism and does not let the calories to burn. Consequently, it enhances the excess body fat and makes you have obesity and unwanted weight gain.

If you are craving a sweet treat, you can opt the products made of real sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. But be careful while doing this practice as you have to keep consuming sugar in moderation.


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