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What Causes Hands to Shake Constantly

Many of you must be curious about what causes hands to shake. Shaking hands nowadays is a common problem that thousands of people are going through. It is a condition that will not be in your control. At the same time, it is a frequent activity that can happen at anytime. There are multiple reasons present behind shaking hands.

Different types of health issues can offer this particular shaking hand problem. And without identifying the causes or reasons, you will not be able to figure out any solution or will have to take medical treatment.

Therefore, in this article, we will share what causes the shaking hand in detail. It will help you go through the problem and take the necessary treatment to get rid of it immediately. 

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What Causes Hands to Shake

Now is the time to figure out all the common problems that can offer you this problem. Eventually, through the help of this paragraph, you will all be able to know what causes the shaking hand briefly. Let’s take a look at the reasons fast. 

What Causes Hands to Shake

1. Stress

The most common reason for shaking hands is the stress level you are taking. When a person takes too much pressure and stress on themself, they will eventually go to the problem of shaking hands.

This can happen before attending any meeting, function, anything essential, and watching a scary movie. And the problem will be removed only when the stress level goes down. Besides that, through the help of meditation and stress reliever techniques, the problem can be solved. 

2. Certain Medications

Another common reason for shaking hands is the multiple medications you take regularly. If you have different medicines for your health issues, shaking hands will be a very common problem for you.

Most of the time, people go through you when taking medication to get rid of situations like migraine, Asthma, Neuropathy, and others.

3. Smoking

At the same time, smoking is another reason that can bring out the problem of shaking hands for you. People usually take help from smoking to get rid of their stress levels, but instead of lowering them, it can increase the problem of handshaking. The nicotine in cigarettes is directly mixed with your bloodstream and increases the heartbeat. 

4. Essential Tremor

The essential tremor is a common nerve problem that can also bring out the problem. Having this problem, we will not be able to hold your coffee or tea cup properly. At the same time, it can happen anytime and go away anytime.

If your symptoms are in mind, there is no requirement for treatment or medication. Still, if you observe repetitive problems in your hands, you should consult your doctor and take the necessary treatment immediately.

5. Parkinson’s Disease

Another common problem for this particular disorder is Parkinson’s disease. Due to the unmovement of your body and your brain cells getting damaged by multiple medications and surgeries, you may face the problem of shaking hands.

Eventually, you can offer the handshaking for only one hand, but with time it will also happen for your second hand. At the same time, you can also notice the problem of shaking your legs and becoming slower while walking. 

6. Multiple Sclerosis

Besides having the problem of multiple sclerosis, you may also suffer from this problem in your daily life. Due to the damage to the coating myelin on your nerves, you may face the problem.

At the same time, you can also notice the same situation for the other body parts. And having excessive medication can bring out the problem.

7. Too Much Caffeine

People addicted to taking caffeine every day might go through the problem. The chemicals in caffeine can increase the difficulty of handshaking for you.

8. Alcohol Withdrawal

Similarly, if you are addicted to taking alcohol every day, you can also observe the symptoms of the problem. Generally, the symptoms are observed after 10 hours of drinking.

9. Lack of Sleep

Besides that, another reason that might increase the problem of shaking hands is the lack of sleep. If you are not giving enough relaxation to your body every day, the lack of sleep quality can increase the problem.

10. Overactive Thyroid

At the same time, people suffering from an overactive thyroid problem can also go through the problem of handshaking every day. And it is a prevalent symptom for all thyroid patients.

11. Low Blood Sugar

In addition, people who are suffering from low blood sugar levels can also notice the problem every day. Besides that, this common problem happens mainly to those suffering from diabetes.

How to Prevent Shaking Hands

Here we are mentioning some of the preventions you can follow to avoid the problem of handshaking quickly.

1. Consume less caffeine

 If you want to solve the problem quickly for yourself, you need to leave the caffeine, or you will have to consume less coffee on your regular day.

2. Quit Alcohol and Smoking

 Another simple way that can help you to solve the problem immediately is by quitting alcohol and smoking.

3. Keep sugar level in control

After that, to solve the problem of handshaking, people will also have to keep their sugar levels controlled by taking their medicines daily.

4. Keep thyroid level in control

And the last best way to solve the problem is by taking medicine to control your thyroid level. These are the common reasons for to increase in the difficulty of handshaking for a maximum number of people. If you carefully follow the tips and apply them to yourself, you can avoid or eliminate the problem. 


Therefore these are the most common causes of shaking hands. If you want to know what causes the shaking hand, go through the reasons mentioned above to figure out all of them.


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