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21 Signs of Bad Energy in your Home should Never Ignore

If you are unaware of signs of bad energy in your home, then you should read this article. Bad energy can imprison your positive thoughts and power to overcome the daily negativity and stress, affecting you physically and mentally. 

So many factors can be responsible for raising signs of bad energy in your home. Negative energy generates various signs and indications that are a symbol you must notice carefully.

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What is Bad Energy in a Home?

You must understand the meaning of bad energy. Bad energy is considered as the flow of constant thoughts or an aura that makes you feel negative or not in a happy state.  

Bad energy can affect your home, relationships, health, and wellness and destroy your happiness and positive energy. 

Bad energy can be changed and cleaned in some ways, which works well for bad energy removal.  

Signs of Bad Energy in your Home

Here we are mentioning signs of bad energy in your home, so let’s see the article that will help to bring positivity and happiness to your house:-

Signs of Bad Energy in your Home

1. Mood Swings  

Rapidly mood swings are a sign of negative vibes. When you are simply coming home in a good mood and notice an instant change in the mood, it can be due to something that is not right at your home. 

2. Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety are like bread and tea nowadays. Not a single person would deny his anxiety and depression, and bad energy can be a cause. 

If you feel stress or sadness without any reason when things are going well, but you are disturbed from the inside, then you must understand the root cause.  

3. Financial Troubles 

If you are facing constant financial troubles, money never stays for a long time. Even if you are struggling hard, it is because excess bad energy has been affecting you and bothering your career and present life.  

4. Chronic illness 

If there is anybody in the house who always stays sick without any real sickness or ailment? Do you feel that medicines aren’t working great to treat sickness as they should? Well, experts believe that negative vibes don’t allow the person to cure soon. 

5. Negative Thoughts 

When too much negative energy in a person affects him deep down, it can change the whole phenomena of thinking and seeing life. 

In the worst situation, a person can have suicidal thoughts or harm himself or somebody else, and immediate consultation is required.  

6. Arguments with Everyone 

Suppose you notice no peace and happiness in the home, everybody is busy in arguments and always having hot talks, and there is no respect or love for each other. In that case, it can be an initial signs of bad energy in your home.

7. Broken Objects 

It is an old saying that glass breaking is not a good sign, but many people take this positively. If you often notice broken objects in your home or office, it can be due to negative vibes around you and need cleansing of the outer and inner areas. 

8. Misunderstandings 

We all go through misunderstandings and miscommunications. If you notice that your family and friends aren’t taking you appropriately and ignoring your feelings and perception, negative energy has circulated you.  

9. Stomach Pain and Headache 

Negative energy in the body is the indication that you must not take this as a joke. It can be due to negative vibes if you always feel disturbed stomach without any reason and poor digestion, and also suffer from headaches. 

10. Foul Odour 

Cluttering houses and offices can develop a foul odour and a hub of bad energy. If you don’t clean the area, the negative energy can surely stick inside and affect you. 

11. Nightmares 

Notice your sleep pattern. Do you mostly have a nightmare, or do you feel difficulty while sleeping, or your sleep gets interrupted, and you are pining to have a deep sleep? 

12. Strange or unexplainable events happening – This includes anything from objects moving on their own to people getting sick or losing money suddenly.

13. Restlessness or tingling sensations

14. Unwanted visitors or entities (ghosts, spirits, etc.)

15. Difficulty focusing or concentrating

16. Physical manifestations – Negative energy can also manifest in physical form, such as illness, accidents, or bad luck.

17. If you find yourself waking up numerous times throughout the night, or experiencing restless nights.

18. You are experiencing more physical or emotional pain than usual.

19. Problems with your relationships seem to be escalating.

20. You find yourself getting sick more often than usual.

21. Things that used to be easy are now becoming difficult or even impossible.

These all are signs of bad energy in your home; make sure to cure the surrounding area, especially the bedroom.  

How to get rid of Bad energy in your Home

Let’s check out the cure to get rid of bad energy:-

1. Accept spiritual ways 

Being spiritual and following some ideas aren’t harmful to removing bad energy. People use Chinese bells and Feng-Shui items that remove negativity from your house.   

You can burn incense sticks or aromatic candles that produce a sweet fragrance that makes you feel good. 

Sprinkling holy water would also be effective and like God’s grace.  

2. Allow Fresh Air and Sunlight

It has been noticed that people feel excess negativity in dark places where less sunlight or no sunlight brightens up the home. 

Open the windows and doors, so the fresh air and sunlight remove the negativity.  

3. Music 

Music is the best way to change the mood and vibrations of your home. You can play the music of your choice and if you are religious, then allow spiritual music to relieve the home and your body.  

4. Cleanse the Area

You may feel negative energy not only at your home but also at your workplace. Don’t allow webs and dirt to cover the working and living area. Keep your office and home clean and dirt-free.  

5. Stay Happy and Cheerful

You must understand your life’s value and the breath you are taking. You must know that while reading this article, several people out there won’t be able to see the world again. 

Be a little indebted and do meditation to reduce stress. Love your family and friends and spend time with them.  

Bad Energy in your Home: Dos and Don’t


  • Always thank god for whatever he has given to you and also thank nature. 
  • Do exercise and stay busy so you can’t be able to overthink. 
  • Make your relationships strong and have a smooth and honest conversation with your partner or family member. 
  • If you feel alone or exhausted, take a walk in the garden or listen to some music. 
  • Plant trees and spend some time with nature. 


  • Don’t allow negative people in your life who demotivate you always. 
  • Don’t get stuck in one place; even changing the place can change the mood. 

Final words

Life is tremendously beautiful. All you need is the right vision and attitude to live and see it. Negative energy and negative thoughts are not good. It is just a game of our minds that we can’t understand. 

Cleansing, ventilating, de-cluttering, feng-shui methods, and smudging can reduce bad energy, but be positive and live today. 


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