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10 Side Effects of Using Headphones too much for Long Time

What are the side effects of using headphones for long time? Looking for Headphones seem to be ubiquitous these days — people utilize them constantly as they manage their electronics, whether they’re on their phones, computers, gaming setups, or other devices.

Headphones offer many advantages and make life easier in this digital age. But what ensues when you wear headphones so much? Is it unhealthy, and if so, how? What does comfortable headphone use imply?

If you keep headphones on your ear for hours of free time, then listen to the songs, then be cautious. You’re doing so can make you sick. Yes, whether it is to work while listening to the songs in the office or to go for a walk with earphones on, your favourite earphones are enemies, not your friend.

By putting on earphones all the time, not only do you have a bad impact on the ear, but your body also has to suffer. Let’s know-how.

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Side Effects of Using Headphones for Long Time

Side Effects of using Headphones for Long Time

Are headphones harmful? Here is the list of harmful effects of headphones on health-

Side Effects of using Headphones for Long Time

1. You may get a Compression Headache

People who wear headphones for too long put their heads under pressure that, by nature, does not happen. As a result, our skull and inner ear become compressed, and we may have a headache. If you are at risk from them, wearing headphones can also worsen migraines.

 2. You can Develop Impaired Hearing

 According to science, most 30-year-old children should hear the 17-kHz sound, which means they can listen to about a mosquito. But the truth is that more and more youth in their age cannot hear at this level.

What’s more, we all have 15,000 hearing cells at birth, but once we lose one, it cannot be restored. Scientists tie this cell loss problem with the frequent use of headphones.

 3. Wax Blockage may Occur in your Ears

Ear wax is created because earphones prevent the wax from coming out of the ear canals naturally. In turn, your ears may get blocked, causing an ear infection.

In addition, earphones act like a cotton swab and can push the wax deeper into the ear canal, resulting in earache and dizziness.

4. Can Develop a Special condition called Vertigo

Vertigo is a spinning irritation of mislaying balance, a fallacy of movement that is not there. It is often accompanied by nausea and dizziness. This is when noise-separated earbuds surround our ears.

The additional factor that may cause a spinning feeling is listening to the highest amount of music. Inserting these small objects into our ears stimulates the inner ear nerve and creates unnatural pressure inside it.

5. You can Start Listening to Non-existent Sounds, even in Complete Silence

If you overdose on earphone-wear, you may develop an annoying sensation of tinnitus. When you are completely silent and relaxed, you can still start to hear ringing, clicking, buzzing, hissing, or roaring in your ears.

The scientists claim that there is no cure for this sensation, but it can be easily prevented by reducing the time of headphones and reducing the volume in your earplugs.

 6. You may Have Skin Problems and Pimples

According to medical experts, who often wear larger, more in-ear headphones, especially when they work outside and sweat, allow thousands of undesirable bacteria to multiply. This can cause pimples and skin infections. 

Additionally, if you use earplugs, excessive oil can begin to accumulate inside your ear, creating an amazing soil buildup for bacteria that can cause ear rash.

7. Ear Infection

If you also share your earphones while listening to songs at the office or home, avoid doing so. By doing so, the chance of infection in your ear is greatly enhanced.

8. Deafness

According to a survey, if a person listens to music in more than 90 decibels continuously for two hours, he can be susceptible to many diseases besides being deaf.

The ear has a hearing ability of only 90 decibels, which decreases by 40 to 50 decibels over time by hearing songs continuously. The person does not hear a distant voice.

 9. Heart Disease

Hearing songs in loud voice damages not only the ears but also the heart of the person. Hearing songs in a fast voice makes the heart beat faster and starts beating faster than normal speed. Due to which the heart can be harmed.

10. Headphones are Better than Earbuds

Earbuds are more likely to cause hearing damage than headphones, so your preference to utilize headphones is the smarter one.

Headphones can be good or bad since noise-cancelling prototypes may facilitate people to turn down the volume, but leaky versions may stimulate the opposite. So, it’s obvious the way headphones impact your body depends on the type and quality you purchase.

Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s explore what should we do and what should we not do in these situations:


If you are wearing headphones for a long time, you can cure and prevent symptoms with a few tips.

● First, you need to make sure you’re using good-quality noise-cancelling headphones.

● You should take breaks, limit the volume on your device, and make sure to clear the surfaces periodically and let them dry completely before utilizing them again.

● A makeup-remover wipe or other antibacterial cloth serves well. Also, listen to your body and have your hearing scanned by a professional regularly.

● Be cautious of how many decibels you’re undergoing, and take care to preserve your ears in other environments, too, such as loud nightclubs.


● Try to avoid using earphones during and after a workout. Otherwise, sweat and moisture accumulate around the headphones, squeezing the skin and, therefore, likely bacteria and yeast to multiply.

● Additives present in rubber and plastic found in headphones can result in contact dermatitis. So try to avoid using headphones for a long time.

● Avoid using headphones, and earbuds are more inclined to cause hearing damage than headphones.

In Closing

If you know someone who spends a lot of time with plugged ears, please share this blog post? May this blog post be informative and useful for them. Share the opinions in the comments section.

So, friends, we hope that after going through the side effects of using headphones for long time will surely help you.

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