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How to Drink Water Properly at Home Most People Don’t Know

Did you know how to drink water Properly at home? Water is the most essential and necessary part of human life, and one can’t survive without water. Water is essential for our body because 70% of the body is made with water, and it keeps us hydrated and healthy, and without water, we never imagine our life. 

This transparent heavenly liquid is life savior, but you will be surprised to know that 96% of people drinking water in the wrong way. You have heard a million times drink plenty of water in a day or an empty stomach, which is also necessary, but all is going into ruin.

Sometimes you feel a headache, migraine, stomach disturbance for no reason. Still, you don’t know that drinking water the wrong way can also be a reason for these troubles and people keep drinking in the same manner without any knowledge and suggest others again to do so. 

Now don’t roll your eyes; if you want to know the exact way to drink water to provide only benefits, then read this article till the end.

How to Drink Water Properly at Home

Here we will tell you about some reasons which know that you are drinking water the wrong way. We will describe the right way, as well. So let’s take a closer look at these-

1. Don’t Drink Water Before and After a Meal

Drinking Water just before and after a meal is one of the biggest mistakes people commonly make and think they are doing right.

Now let’s see it scientifically, when we eat food, then instantly, the gastric juices start their work to digest the food; drinking water just after the meal lowers the procedure, which sometimes you feel bloated.

The undigested food never releases the proper nutrients and minerals, so your body remains unable to get these.

Whenever you feel much hungry and ready for your lunch or dinner, drinking water decreases hunger’s intense desire. 

If you are habitual drinking water before or after a meal, you can take a sip or keep water for 1 minute in your mouth then spit it but don’t drink one glass or half glass of water; both are wrong ways.

2. Avoid Frequently Gulping the Water

This is also the most doing mistake and the wrong way to drinking water. Why are you always in a hurry? People don’t drink water. They are gulping it, and they don’t know that this way can harm their health. 

As you know, our stomach releases acidic property, which helps digestion and maintains your bowel system’s balance. Your mouth salvia also helps your stomach digestion, and when you drink water frequently, enough salvia can’t reach your system.

That’s why after gulping water, you feel acidity, gas, and bloating, and it is also a significant reason for weight gain.

People drink plenty of water in a day for weight loss, but gulping will do the opposite of that, so drink water slowly and calmly and take small sips whenever you drink. 

3. Avoid Drinking Cold Water

Drinking Chilled or cold water can also harm your body. Whenever you come from outside or drink cold water, it shrinks your blood vessels and feels a sore throat.

It also causes joint pain and becomes a barrier for the system to break the food into different proportions.

Drinking chilled water can be harmful to your heart; it can lower blood pressure and the heartbeat. So always drink water at room temperature, whether in summers, never add extra ice or drink directly from the fridge.

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4. Never Drink Excess Water

You have heard or told many people that drink water as much as possible in a day whether you feel thirsty or not. But you’re mistaken again; drinking excess water without wish or thirst can harm you’re your health.

Drinking too much water dilutes the essential electrolytes and sodium in your body, which creates a fluid imbalance in your body that can cause cell swelling.

This will never help for detoxification; you will only feel like pee again and again.

5. Avoid Drinking-Water in a Standing Position

Drinking water in the standing position is a very wrong way to drink water. You will see people drink water while walking or running; maybe you are also one of them.

When you drink water during jogging or standing, your body is not comfortable, and your kidneys can’t filter the water properly. When your muscles are not relaxed, they become unable to digest the fluid properly. 

Also, drinking water in a standing posture can cause arthritis and severe joint pain unnecessarily. So always drink water in a sitting position and drink it slowly.

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When to Drink Water

First of all, always drink whenever you feel thirsty. The morning time is the best time to drink water because your salvia is more active and neutralizes stomach acid. Drink before brushing your teeth.

Keep at least a 1-hour gap before and after a meal of drinking water. 

How much water you should Drink

Deciding the water quantity is different for every person who depends on a person’s weight, physic type, working manner, etc.

So please let your body decide the quantity, but for 2 to 3 liters, water is enough in one day.

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The Best Utensil for Drinking Water

Drinking water in the copper utensil is most worthy. Try to avoid plastic bottles and other plastic utensils. A copper utensil multiplies the water benefits and if will provide many practical benefits to your body.

In Closing

We hope this information on how to drink water properly at home will help you to improve your habits regarding drinking water. Water is the most precious gift of nature and a panacea for many health issues and troubles.    

Only drinking water in a proper way can do a miraculous job, so follow these instructions step by step, and please tell us if you get those benefits.  

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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