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How to Make yourself Sneeze Fast- 13 Easy Ways Tested!

Did you know how to make yourself sneeze fast? Sneezing, also known as Sternutation, is a sudden and forceful air release from the lungs through the nose and mouth. It is involuntary and usually occurs when foreign particles are residing in our nasal passages and irritating them.

These foreign particles may come from dust, smoke, pollens, etc. Sneezing is how our body expels these particles out of the system, which can harm us otherwise.

We tend to sneeze more frequently while suffering from a common cold, flu, viral infection, or some allergies. 

Our sneeze contains millions of harmful bacteria, which travel at approximately 75 miles per hour. These bacteria are just enough to spread any infectious disease to persons nearby.

Therefore, it is essential to cover our nose with a tissue or handkerchief while sneezing. Also, washing hands after sneezing help lessen the chance of spreading any contagious disease. 

Why Do We Sneeze? 

We sneeze when there is an inflammation in the nasal passage due to foreign particles. These particles create an irritation inside our nose. This message is carried to a part of the brain known as the sneeze center.

The sneeze center then passes the message on to various muscles like abdominal muscles, chest muscles, diaphragm, eyelid muscles ( because we close our eyes while sneezing ), and a few more.

All these muscles have to coordinate and execute a sneeze successfully so that the foreign particles are expelled out of our body. 

A study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania says that we sneeze to reboot our nasal system. Just like a computer has to reset or reboot to clear all its stuff and function more smoothly, we too clear our nose by sneezing and leaving all the unwanted mucus and irritants out of our system. 

We frequently sneeze while suffering from a common cold or flu. Some even sneeze on getting exposed to bright sunlight.

This phenomenon is known as the photic sneeze reflex or solar sneeze reflex. Sneezing can also be a result of allergies, as when allergens enter our body, the body releases histamine to attack the invading allergens.

The released histamines initiate an allergic reaction, which results in sneezing and coughing. 

How to Make yourself Sneeze Fast

How to Make yourself Sneeze Fast

Sneezing is involuntary, and it happens all of a sudden. However, if there is any congestion or irritant in the nose, you might feel like sneezing and throwing all of it out.

But what if you are unable to sneeze? The small line between wanting to sneeze and not being able to sneeze might be troublesome for many.

So, mentioned below are some of the best ways to make yourself sneeze when you can’t. Go ahead and give them a read if you want to know how to sneeze properly. 

1. Tickling with a Feather

You can use a fake feather to tickle your nose. This will trigger the trigeminal nerve that sends a signal to the brain, and the brain reacts to the signal by throwing out a sneeze. However, do not push the feather too far into the nose. It could be harmful. 

2. Tickling with a Tissue

Just like tickling with a feather, you could tickle your nose with a tissue too. Fold a tissue as needed and make a pointed shape out of it.

Now, slowly put it into your nostril and move back and forth. This will tickle the nose and trigger the trigeminal nerve. This trigger will help the brain to understand that it’s a sneeze time. 

3. Looking towards a Bright Light

According to a phenomenon known as the photic sneeze reflex, people tend to sneeze on being exposed to bright light. However, this is a hereditary trait, and not many have it.

About one-third of the population has this reflex, and the rest of them do not. So, for the rest of the people, this method might not work.

But, you can still give it a try by looking suddenly towards a bright light or sunlight. This might make you sneeze. 

4. Smelling Spices

Smelling spices like pepper, cumin, coriander, etc., to trigger a sneeze is not something many are unfamiliar with.

How to make yourself sneeze with pepper? You can inhale some pepper and instantly stimulate your nose’s nerve endings, which will help you sneeze. Pepper has piperine, which immediately triggers the trigeminal nerve.

You could also use black pepper, red pepper, cumin, white pepper, or other spices. But be careful while inhaling them. You have to inhale a very little amount of these spices, or else it can give you burning sensations in the nose. 

5. Pulling a Nose Hair

Pulling a nose hair might hurt you a little, but it might also satisfy you with a sneeze. When you pluck a nose hair, the trigeminal nerve gets aware and sends a signal to the brain, and eventually, you sneeze. 

6. Eating Dark Chocolate

Grabbing a bite of dark chocolate is a great way to induce a sneeze. However, the reason behind this is yet unknown. Maybe the cocoa in the chocolate triggers the nose. 

7. Breathing Cool Air

Cool air can bring out a sneeze by triggering the lining of the nasal passages. You can take some cold air by merely turning on the air conditioner or having a walk outside if the weather is cold.

This method is really easy and simple yet effective. But it might not always work. 

8. Rubbing the Roof of your Mouth with Tongue

How to make yourself sneeze immediately rubbing the roof of your mouth? You can move your tongue upwards to the roof of your mouth and rub it. The roof of your mouth has the trigeminal nerve.

This nerve gets stimulated on rubbing and may result in a sneeze. Though it is a playful method, it can be extremely helpful at times. 

9. Smelling a Strong Scent

Certain strong perfumes or scents can immediately trigger a sneeze. When inhaled, these perfumes have chemicals that irritate the nose, and the body wants to expel them as soon as possible. That can be done in the form of a sneeze. 

But remember, you should not directly inhale the perfume. Just spray it a little around you, and it will ultimately be in the air that you are inhaling. 

10. Tweezing your Brows

How can you make yourself sneeze with the help of a pair of tweezers? It’s very easy. You can pluck a single eyebrow hair to make yourself sneeze. This stimulates the nerve endings in the face, which is also connected to the nasal nerve.

This method might need a few tries, or it can even work immediately. 

11. Having a Fizzy Drink

Intaking a good amount of fizzy or bubbly drink might make you sneeze. The fizzy drink has a lot of carbon dioxide, which can generate a tickle in the nostrils. As the nose is susceptible to carbon dioxide, it might want to expel it out by simply sneezing. 

12. Tilting the Head

You don’t have to do much for sneezing. Just tilt your head back and look upwards. This method might only work for those who were about to sneeze but didn’t. 

13. Massaging the Bridge of the Nose

How to make yourself sneeze when you need to? Slowly and smoothly rub the bridge of the nose downwards. This helps trigger the trigeminal nerve. For some people, pinching the nose also works. 

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Frequently Asked Question & Answers-

Q. How to make yourself sneeze with a stuffy or a blocked nose?

Ans. Stuffy noses are more common at night. To begin, you will require a piece of tissue paper. Twist it so that you can tickle your nose with it. Insert the twisted tissue paper into your nose, taking care not to pierce the inside of your nose. Continue tickling your nose until you sneeze.

Q. How to make yourself sneeze on command?

Ans. Simply run the tip of your tongue along the roof of your mouth back and forth. You will get yourself sneeze on command.

Q. How to make yourself sneeze without pepper?

Ans. Pulling a nose hair may cause discomfort, but it may also result in a sneeze. The trigeminal nerve becomes aware when you pluck a nose hair and sends a signal to the brain, causing you to sneeze without pepper.

Q. How to make yourself sneeze when you have a cold?

Ans. When you have a cold apply firm but gentle downward pressure with your fingers to massage the bridge of your nose. Continue massaging until a slight tickle in the back of your nose causes you to sneeze.

Q. Why do people sneeze so loud?

Ans. Why do i sneeze so much? Sneezing is a natural way for your body to clear the airways. The nose may become irritated or tickled when foreign matter such as dirt, pollen, smoke, or dust enters the nostrils. It causes a sneeze when this happens.

Q. What happens when you sneeze?

Ans. When you sneeze, your chest muscles contract and release air from your lungs, your eyes close, and your diaphragm moves upward. This is a way to get rid of the allergen or irritant; the air allows thousands of droplets to project from your nose and mouth.

Q. Why does the sun make me sneeze?

Ans. The photic sneeze reflex is the sensation of sneezing when you see the sun. The photic sneeze reflex is a condition that is triggered by bright light. Sunlight is a trigger, but artificial lighting such as light bulbs and camera flashes can also make you sneeze.

In Closing

Each body type is different, and so is the sensitivity towards various particles. Specific methods might work for someone but not for you. All you have to do is be gentle and patient with yourself while trying to trigger your nasal passages.

People with common cold or flu might quickly get the results after a few tries as they have a lot of mucus that can trap the irritants. But it might not be the case with somebody else. Maybe others have to give a number of tries to get that one perfect sneeze. So, it depends from person to person.

You have to figure out what works for you. But remember to be careful. Do not insert anything sharp or too hard. Keeping everything in consideration, you can quickly get your sneeze and feel relaxed. And also, don’t forget to cover your nose while sneezing to keep yourself and people 

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