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6 Powerful Foods that Help with Pain Relief

Looking for foods that help with pain relief? We often face severe body pain, and sometimes the condition worsens and becomes unbearable. But you will be surprised that your kitchen is a great place to cure your body’s pain and inflammation. You don’t need to look outside because the solution exists on your kitchen shelf.

Modern life and technology have made miraculous changes in our life, so the food form has been changed from fresh to canned food. People have no time to waste cooking food and to eat fresh even though they know that canned food includes preservatives, no health benefits, and zero nutritional value.

Whenever we feel pain, we directly move to painkillers without knowing that they can harm our organs like the liver, intestine and kidneys. Here in this article, we will introduce some powerful natural painkillers available in your kitchen.

If you want to avoid those dangerous pills and capsules, read this article carefully. Let’s take a closer look at these natural painkillers.

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  1. Foods that Help with Pain Relief

Foods that Help with Pain Relief

Foods that Help with Pain Relief

1. Ginger and Turmeric for Muscle and Joint Pain

Several studies have proven that ginger has such ability to relieve muscle and joint pain. Ginger contains an active factor called Gingerol, which reduces the effect of particular hormones that cause pain in your joints and muscles. You can also use dried ginger powder equally effective as fresh ginger.

Ginger is readily available in your kitchen. Try to use ginger in your daily meal proportions. You can also prepare a ginger drink. Just grate some ginger, boil it in 1 cup of water, and drink it. It will soothe your muscles and joints. Drink this herbal tea twice a day and get positive results.

Likewise, ginger and turmeric are nature’s gifts to treat body and muscle pain. Turmeric includes anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial for severe body pain. You can use turmeric powder in your meals, soups, main courses etc.

2. Cherries are Good for a Headache

It has been estimated in many studies that one in four females is affected by arthritis, chronic headache, joint pain, and gout. If you also suffer from one of these problems, then a handful of cherries can make you feel healthy and headache-free.

The Expert believes that cherries contain a unique component called anthocyanins, responsible for providing a shiny reddish colour to cherries. This component has an anti-inflammatory property that is more powerful than aspirin or any other painkiller tablet.

Researchers showed that when your body comes in contact with any pain, it directly affects your other body parts. When a person eats cherries, the anthocyanins calm down the pain effect and reduce inflammation.

One can have fresh cherries or canned cherries as well, but as all know, fresh is always good. Eat 20 to 25 cherries regularly and eliminate your pain.

3. Clove for a Toothache

 A Toothache is not a major pain, but whenever it appears, it can disturb you like any other pain and sometimes it takes a long time to get rid of. One can’t be able to eat or drink anything, and your gums become highly sensitive with swelling.

Clove is a powerful painkiller for treating toothache naturally. Clove contains a unique component named eugenol that works as an anesthetic. It directly triggers the painful nerves and calms them down.

When you feel a toothache or sensitivity, take a clove piece and chew it softly or keep it for a few minutes to the affected area. You can also use clove powder or clove oil for a toothache.

Also, try sprinkling some clove powder on your salad or other suitable meal. It will help to maintain your blood sugar and cholesterol level.

4. Salt Helps to Reduce All Body Pain

Salt is a natural pain reliever and one of the essential kitchen ingredients. There will be no house where you won’t find this. If you feel tired and have pain in your legs or feet, soak your feet in hot water and add some salt. Keep your legs in this warm water for 15 minutes, and you will see the magical changes in your pain.

If you are feeling back pain or swelling anywhere in your body, put some salt in a pan, heat it for 5 minutes, put it into a cotton cloth, and do salt compress to the affected area. The process will reduce the swelling and pain instantly.

You can also do salt gargles whenever you feel throat pain or discomfort in your throat. Salt has anti-bacterial properties, so it is helpful to kill bacteria in your mouth.

5. Grapes for Backaches

Recent researchers have proved that grapes are good for treating backache. A bowl of grapes can cure backache because grapes help to improve the blood circulation of your body, and it helps to repair damaged tissue of your back.

Also, grapes have many healthy nutrients for digestion and bowel management. 

6. Garlic is Much Effective in Ear ache

Garlic contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce ear pain and eliminate ear infections. You need to crush 1 fresh garlic clove, mix it with some drops of oil, and heat it lightly.

Put only 2 drops of this oil in your ears, and in a few minutes, the pain will vanish properly. You can massage this oil to the panic area of your body.

Final Words

Here we have described all the foods that help with pain relief that make your life easier and pain-free. Painkiller tablets can be dangerous for your life, so try to avoid them as much as possible.

If you still feel excess pain, immediately visit your doctor before the condition worsens. Your health is our priority and primary concern, so stay in link with us for more home remedies.


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