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3 Weeks Take Only Cloves And Say Goodbye To High Blood Pressure!

3 Weeks Take Only Cloves And Say Goodbye To High Blood Pressure: Cloves are pronounced as a natural remedy to treat several health issues and it is also a perfect spice that can increase the taste of your food, soup, salad, or stews.

Cloves are known for their medicinal properties, aromatic and wonderful taste, and beneficial contents. There are numbers of advantages added in cloves and it is known as a good pain reliever too.

Cloves are also reckoned as Syzygium aromatic and in actuality it is the bud of clove tree and used in powdered form also. Here in this article, we are mentioning the benefits of clove which is a perfect cure for high blood pressure patients.

Thousands of people are suffering from blood pressure and take pills or drugs to control it otherwise it can be dangerous for your health and heart.

There are many natural treatments available to control the blood pressure and blood sugar but many of us are not aware that cloves can be helpful in blood pressure.

Cloves are used to stimulate the digestive system and effective remedy for your bowel management. Now let’s see about the remedy which is able to cure the blood pressure.

It is a three weeks treatment which is easy to prepare and easy to take. You can make this at home and use it according to instructions.

How to Prepare:  

The treatment of 1st week:

You just need clove and some plain water to prepare this remedy. Take 22 cloves and add them into a pan and pour some boiled hot water and mix well, cover the pan and leave it for overnight.

Next day, take 1 tablespoon clove water thrice in a day before the meal and repeat it for a week. You can preserve this clove water into the fridge but only for two days not more than that. Prepare again after two days so be careful with the quantity of the water.

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The treatment of 2nd week:

Now it is time to increase the cloves. This time you have to add 27 cloves and repeat the same procedure. You can continue your anti-hypertensive pills if needed.

The treatment of 3rd week:

This time you have to add 32 cloves. After completing the three weeks treatment you can repeat it after 1 or two months.

The Final Result:

Using this remedy for a couple of weeks can reduce the arterial pressure and slowly demolish it. Cloves have such factors that trigger the blood flow and balance it.

You need not avoid the drugs that you take to control blood pressure. If you are highly sensitive then it would be okay to ask your doctor before starting the treatment.

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Why cloves actually work well:

1. It Adds Important Nutrients:

Clove includes multiple vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients that work well with your overall health. You will be surprised to know that only 1 tablespoon of clove water contains many factors.

It has manganese, vitamin C, 1 gram fiber, vitamin K, Carbs, 21 calories only in 1 tablespoon of clove water. Vitamin K can prevent blood clogging; vitamin C is good for the strength of the immune system.   

Fiber and manganese are also important minerals for the human body and improve the digestive tract. Calories are jeopardy for a blood pressure victim and cloves are less in calories so you can have this without any side effects.    

2. Rich in Antioxidants:

Vitamin C and a basic component called eugenol work as antioxidants. It provokes the free radicals in your body and destroys harmful cells which enhance your immune power that results that your body can fight with harmful bacteria that can easily make you ill.

Eugenol is actually a natural antioxidant and found in very fewer products. Antioxidants reduce hypertension and stress level as we all know that stress is also a prior cause of blood pressure imbalance in your body.

The experiments are under study related to eugenol. The excess dosage of eugenol can be harmful use it as directed.    

3. Can Improve the Liver’s Health:

The powerful components present in cloves are capable to improve the liver’s health naturally. The expert found in studies that cloves help to reduce the liver’s inflammation and oxidative stress; it provoked the good enzymes of the liver and maintained the bowel tract. 

It has been also found in some studies that people who were taking cloves in their regular meal have good liver health than others. so try to add cloves or grounded cloves in your meal and give a new life to the liver.

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4. Stimulate the Immune System:

As we said before that cloves are the rich source of natural antioxidants and vitamins. A strong immunity can save your precious health and a weak immune system can invite several diseases without any hint.

The poor lifestyle, any disease, excess usage of drugs or antibiotic pills, junk food, lack of exercise and heredity are the basic reasons of poor immunity.

The regular usage of cloves can stimulate your immune power again that protect your body from infections and allergies.  

5. Good for Bone Health:

Cloves contain manganese which is known for increasing bone health and bone density. Several studies done on animals showed that cloves provoke bone health.

The results of cloves on human bones still require more testing and research.

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We always say that nature has provided many amazing ingredients to us only we are unaware of their benefits.

People use clove oil and clove powder to cure teeth ache or for other body pain but it can also treat blood pressure it is great news for those people who are really disturbed with their trouble.   

If clove doesn’t suit you and you have any type of allergy then do not perform any experiment with your health or first ask to an expert.

Try this remedy and share your experience with us. If you have any question regarding this remedy then ask us. Follow all the instructions as described.

Meet you next time with a new recipe that will surely help you again.  

Dr Maria

MD Board Certified physician 8 years of experience in health care Former Naturopath at UK Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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